A lovely Saturday

Well what another great day yesterday, Munch was in a good mood, we just did normal family things like watching Saturday morning TV, although I have to say it’s changed a bit over the years. Daddy got up and made all the appropriate ooohhhhs and aahhhs over last nights experiments.

Me and Munch then went to our local shopping centre, Munch had his £3 pocket money which was burning a hole in his ‘purse’. So money spent, we went for lunch, then to have a look at some cloths as he is very particular with what he likes to wear and he has shot up so much in the 9 months he has been with us that he will need a whole new winter wardrobe.

Our only wobbly moment was when we went into the Disney shop and he saw Phineas and Ferb bits, he wanted to take back what he had already bought so that he could have his money back and buy that instead, and no amount of explaining was going to convince him that he would not have enough to buy anything here!!! In the end he was given a warning and when he repeated we left the shop.

All home for a very pleasant evening, I even got to what Strictly Come Dancing. We had tea in the living room for a treat, Munch told me that I had made a very good choice for tea. Merlin was watched and then off to bed for story and light out.

Mummy’s Going Out

Today started ok, we had breakfast then went upstairs to get changed. Munch decided to go in and wake daddy even though asked not to and ended up getting counted to 3 so had to do his time-out. We got off  with out a hitch after that.

After school we went to his Express It class, Munch was all over the place there today, was unable to listen and at times very uncooperative.

We went home where Munch played football with daddy then went on the computer before dinner. During dinner Munch again was in one of his moods, he pu loads of tomato sauce on his dinner when asked not to, was putting large pieces of food into his mouth and claiming not to be able to cut them, when I went to help he shouted that I had moved his sauce and then kept pushing food of his plate and crying tha all his food was falling off his plate, he was given a count of 3 and told to go and sit on his chair, at this he exploded, he hit and kicked and was swearing, daddy shouted at him which just makes things worse, I removed him from the kitchen into the living room, the lifted him and carried him to his bedroom and stayed with him until he calmed down, he lay on his bed so I told him to lay there for 5 minutes and calm down. I came downstairs and after 5 minutes called him down to finish his dinner which he did nicely. Then went outside and played with football with daddy.

I was going out to an AUK meeting and had told Reece so on our way home from school, we realised that this is what had triggered his behaviour this evening, it was the change in his routine, or rather the change in person doing his routine, it was different to how it normally happens and Munch finds change really difficult.

After I had gone, the rest of the evening until bedtime went ok, Munch being Munch, tried it on with just about everything by the sounds of it, bet then again, that’s my boy!!!

Sunday 2nd October

Today Munch was knocking on the bedroom door at 7.40 even after his late night, I asked him to go back to his bed but he wanted to get in so I allowed him to and let him put on the tv until 9am when we got up, but not afer him asking every 15 minutes ‘when are we getting up’. We are going to put his clock back in his room this week and point out 9am on it and give him a star if he stays in his bedroom until then on a Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday is computer day so Munch was straight on it this morning, he was good when asked to use it on his own, he did ask a couple of times for help but on the whole got on with it.

In the afternoon we went to Kids Kingdom which he always enjoys, i get to sit and read and drink coffee, Munch will come over ever so often to check in. He gets ver hot and sweaty and normally within not long of being there has made friends with someone.

We did the healthy Macdonald’s afterwards then came home. We had 3/4 hour till bath time and Munch asked to phone his cousin, she was doing her home work, he had been warned that this could be the case, but still he made a fuss and created, my SIL on hearing said that cousin would have break from homework for 1/2 hour until his bath time. I would have said no as I feel that he needs to know that sometimes you cannot just have things your own way, but in the end let him. He listened well whilst on the phone so was told he could have a star.

After bath and tv, we had usual bedtime routine and I read him a boo about the colour of love that the play therapist had given to us, with some coloured fathers so that I could touch him with them, for most of the story he listened well, but afterwards was quite stroppy saying that i was a rubbish book that there was no such thing as love, messed around with cuddle and kiss, got distraught when I said that if he didn’t want to do it nicely I was going, I did then get a cuddle and kiss of some sort.





Today we visited Chessington. We have had a great day Munch was really well-behaved throughout the day, even considering he had been awake for a long time last night as he had woke up with pains in his legs and had ended up coming in with me and had proceeded to talk for about 2 hours.

We did have a point where he was getting a little twitchy, but it passed. We had a lovely moment whilst queuing for Tomb Blaster where I got loads of kisses on the cheeks, forehead and lips, and then had to repeat it on him. He then went on to say, that’s what Dr. Who does, and it had been from a programme that we had watched a couple of days ago!! Still I will take that as a big step forward and say thank-you Dr. Who.

Coming home I allowed Munch to sit in the front with me, he was very well-behaved so earnt his 2nd star of the day. Les hope tomorrow is as good>

Catch Up!

Well we have now had 3 weeks of play therapy and what a difference it has made, she works with Munch for about 40 minutes, then I go in for the last 20 mins, we then take Munch to school and me and Hubby have about an hour with her.

It has been going really well we are not with out our moments, but we seem to have a much happier boy, meltdowns are much less, and more manageable, long may it last.

Weekend Away

On Friday we were going to Wales to stay with Granny which Munch had been counting down the sleeps to, we were going to leave straight from school, but as he had been really sick the night before and therefore up most of the night we decided to keep him off school, much to his anoyence as he likes school so we were able to leave slightly earlier.
Munch always travels well in the car and will play his DS or watch a video, so an un eventful journey., and an un eventful night at granny’s.
Next day we went to the seaside for the day where he insisted on spending all the money he had on a cap gun. We all had a game of Crazy Golf which he really enjoyed and was very good at and much to his pleasure beat us both. The law was laid down about where and when he could use it.
Back at granny’s Munch was on his best behavior for most of the evening, until it came to bed time then we had a bit of a wobble over weeing on the floor.
Sunday went well, Munch enjoyed the birthday party very much, we left later than we ment to.

It’s Been to Long!!

Well as the title says it has been to long, and I really must try and up date mote often.
Munch is back at school now after his summer holidays. I enjoyed the spending the holiday’s with him, we did lots of days out and were generally on the go all the time.
The last week and a half before going back to school were very trying, he was anxiuos about going back, but Munch being Munch would not show it!!! We had several meltdowns, one when Daddy’s brother and his wife were visiting from australia. He was very excited about going to school on Tuesday morning and was up early, raring to go. We had about 2 hours of very angry behaviour after school, but yesterday was fine.
We now have funding for his therapist to start sometime soon, she is away till Monday so have not been able to get in touch with her, and hopefully the school will have got the funding for their Nuture group, and we are hoping all these things will help Munch.
At home we have started a book called the Family Rule book, in it we have wrote out our daily routine for school and none school days, we then have listed behaviours that are not exceptable and what concequense will have to be done for that behaviour, Munch contributed and even added some behaviour himself, and I am sure it will be a never ending list. We are writing it all down inthe book, and MUnch will recieve a star for everyday that he does not get a concequence, when he has recieved 15 stars, as e reward e will beable to choose something to buy. It is early days at the moment, and no stars earn since we started it.
Watch this space………….. 




Good Times

Well I have probebly jinks us now, but at the moment we can really see how Munch has come on.
On Friday I took him and the dog to our local Country Park, what a different boy I had to the one who would have been there a couple of months ago. He played with the dog, did not moan that it was raining, laugh when the dog took sticks out of his hands instead of having a tantrum as he would have not so long ago, he ran with the dog no crying because the dog could run faster.
Saturday we had a family day to legoland, Munch was well behaved, he had the odd moment, but I can proudly say nothing as bad as some of the children we saw there!!!!! He quequed well, the only thing was that at the moment he is very materialistic and because we had said that we would buy him some lego on the way out, he kept asking to go home!!
Sunday was a little trying, but not to bad

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