My Poorly Boy

Morning was fine this morning, just a normal morning in our house, gosh I have waited 11 months to say that.

I went to one of our local shopping Centre’s and did all of our Christmas shopping so all we have now to do is get the rest of Munch’s bits and piece’s, we know what they are so it’s just a case of heading to Smyth’s Toystore one day very soon.

Picked Munch up from school, he brought out a couple of presents from his nurture group that he goes to on a Wednesday afternoon at school. One was a lovely Christmasy photo frame he had made himself with his photo in, aaahhhh.

We stopped off at the Post Office to pick up a parcel which had a Christmas present in for Munch it has been put under the Christmas Tree for santa’s elves to pick up tonight to take to santa for him to deliver on Christmas Eve!!

We started to build Munch’s Lego that he got yesterday, Munch started to complain of stomach ache and a headache and took himself off and just lay on the sofa wrapped up in daddy’s jumper and his snuggle fleece. He looked very flushed and felt warm to the touch. I just left him there to rest, I asked if he wanted to eat he just wanted 1/2 a slice of toast. After eating the toast he seemed to perk up a bit and wanted to play Junior Monopoly, which we did for 1/2 hour, and he ate another piece of toast, a whole piece this time. After this he just lay on the sofa again and went to bed an hour early, in our bed of course a gave him some calpol and have let him watch TV for an hour.

I shall be tuning it off very soon and shall let him fall asleep in our bed then put him back in his own bed, sod’s law isn’t it that he would be poorly today, it’s my works Christmas, come my Leaving Do tomorrow night, I hope Munch is feeling better as there is no way I will go and leave him like this fingers crossed xxx

3/12 – No School Again

After sitting up till silly o’clock this morning, Munch came in at 7.30 to ask if he had school today, he was very apologetic, but said he just wanted to know if there was school today, fair enough, and he went back to his room happily once I had told him I did not know yet, alarm went off at 7.45, got up did breakfast and phoned the number we had been given as we had no texts yet from the school, yes school was open, then as soon as I put the phone down got a text saying school was closed, much to Munch’s delight.

We had a peaceful morning as Munch wanted to watch Spy Kids 3 that he had recorded on Sky, then by the time that had finished, daddy was up and they sat and built with the Lego, so still peaceful. Daddy was going to work and me and Munch were going Christmas shopping, but Munch really wanted Daddy to come, so we are lucky that daddy can change his work to suit himself and us, so daddy took today off and off we all went, Munch was a little hyper whilst out, he had £6.61 of his own money to spend and that was all that he went on about, so in the end we ended up just letting munch spend his money, as I had began to feel not well at all, this is the second time in about 6 weeks, both times it has come on very quickly, and so we made our way home.

Daddy had to go to nanny’s to take her some supplies, Munch didn’t want to go, but he has been well-behaved and has played on the computer quietly and is now watch TV, so I can lay down, he is patiently waiting for daddy to come home and hoping that he will play the Junior Monopoly with him, as on nights when he has no school the next day he gets to stay up an hour longer he will be able to stay up till 9pm tonight, as we have just changed his bedtime to 8pm.

Daddy came home and they both played Junior Monopoly until 8.30, then Munch came and watched TV for 1/2 before bed.