15/12 – Oh Dear, What a Morning!!

At about 3am Munch had a very bad bout of coughing, he came into our room and asked if he could get in with us, he is so wriggly though in bed I ended up getting up and going into the spare bedroom. For about an hour I could hear him talking and laughing with daddy, in the end I had to threaten them both!!

In the morning I got up and Munch was dead to the world, I left him as long as I could and got him up from school, it must have been only the 2nd time I have ever had to wake him up from a deep sleep and the last time was when we had to get up at 5.30am because we were going away. He got up, not in a very good mood, he didn’t want his breakfast or drink, then he wanted, then didn’t want, then wanted his cough medicine, I told him that was his last chance and he either took it or there would be none, he dripped most of it down himself and said that I had poured it in to quick, he was just in one of them moods where nothing was going to be right. We went up stairs and he got in the spare bed and would not come to the bathroom, so I did the I am going to count to 5 and if you are not here there will be no computer this evening, started counting and he walked very slowly as if to prove a point, so I just counted and when I got to 5 he lost the use of the computer, he started crying that he was walking there, believe me our landing is not that big!!!!

In the bathroom he would not brush his teeth, fine said I, we will wait, making a point of how we were going to be late for school, this normally works as he hates being late nothing, dead lock, in the end I just said, ok, leave your teeth, they are your teeth, and they will just rot and be painful, but that is down to you, and also told him he would have smelly breath all day, asked him to wash, he refused, fine go to school with chocolate spread on your face!!! See where this is going, now for the undressing and dressing part – no say’s he, fine say’s I you can go to school in your PJ’s and took him by the hand and started walking him down the stairs, he was screaming now, and saying I don’t want to go o school in my PJ’s, then you need to get dress said I, took him back to his bedroom, pulled off his PJ’s, he was now helping me to get him dressed but making out that I was doing it all and he was not cooperating, he did not want o got to school in his PJ’s!!

Everything else was done with a scowl on his face, but he at least cooperated, and amazingly we just got to school as his class was being lead in so I was able to have a quick word with his teacher about the mornings events and why he had chocolate spread all over his face!!!!

When I picked him up from school he was in a much better mood, we went and got his hair cut, then went of to B & Q where we had a bit to eat from the Lunch Box outside, we then went in to pick up a few Christmas Decorations. From there we went to tesco’s to do some shopping. I was gone 6pm by the time we got in so I settled Munch infront of the TV for a while and then but him to bed an hour early as with all the coughing he is doing during the night is taking it’s toll on him and I am sure that it was tiredness that caused the morning’s capers.

At about 11pm Munch had a terrible coughing fit, he coughed so much that he was sick poor boy, I changed his bed and put him back in.