Best laid Plan’s…..

Munch was very good this morning and stayed in bed watching his TV until I went in to him at 9am. We came down and watched a bit more TV whilst having breakfast.

By the time breakfast was finished daddy was awake so Munch went up to see him, in the mean time I had told Munch my plan’s to either go to Madame Tussaud’s or to  the Science Museum. Munch said that he wanted to do neither, he wanted to go swimming, I did not fancy it as last time we went it was freezing. Daddy said that he would take him and go into work later on, one happy mummy.

For a while daddy and Munch played a bit of rough and tumble in the living room, Munch is very toddler like sometimes in his play as this is yet another of the area’s that he missed out in his early years. Trouble is whilst it is good to regress with him, it can be hard to keep him in check and very easy for him to go over the top and find it hard to calm himself down again, he was asked several times to calm a little before he hurt himself or daddy, twice he went slap on the floor, the 2nd time he did hurt himself. He would not take any form of soothing or help, this is another of the area’s that need’s a lot of work on, he is unable to accept comfort at all and it is so hard to see when you desperately want to help make it better, and just scoop him up and give him a great big cuddle, maybe one day.

We all got ready and I went along to watch, Munch is coming along so well with his swimming now and for the first time managed to swim a bit with out his armbands, when I think of all the money we spent on swimming lesson’s for 20 weeks when he first came, they were such a waste off money, he has come on so much better with us taking him ourselves. I just love watching him in the pool, he is so confident in the water and given half a chance would spend all day in there if he could.

We went to the pool cafe and ate afterwards. There was  some sort of Karate competition being help at the sports centre and Munch kept saying that he wants to do it and could we find out about it for him. All the way home he kept asking, we had already said that we would, daddy and I were talking and all of a sudden, I had 2 big kicks in the back of the chair, I gave the body language is all wrong, that not allowed, step as soon as we get in, just for a very cocky little boy to say but I was trying to speak to you, that’s not the way to go about getting my attention!!

Home 7 minutes on the step done and Munch practiced his magic on daddy until it was time for us to take daddy to pick up his taxi. On the way back we stopped in the shops to pick up a few bits and pieces, Munch managed to speak in a rude voice again so ended up on the step as soon as we got in.

After that we settled down to a quiet couple of hours before bed, we watched The Nightmare before Christmas, then Munch found a Scooby Doo film, this took him up to bedtime, so he was let of his bath fo 1 night.

Munch was in desperate need of his toe nails to be cut, we have done them a few times since he has been here without a fuss, I have tried to do them a few times of late, and every time he has made a fuss and not let me, I can see that it is a control issue, and again tonight we had the same issue, it was definitely him trying to control what was happening, but his toe nails have now got so long that they really needed doing, he would not let me snacking his foot away every time I went to clip. This went on until I have to say that I lost it with him, it was such a silly thing to loss it over, but knowing that we had done it several times before with out an issue tipped me over the edge, I left them room after shouting at him, said that he would just have to have long toe nails, and when they started to hurt he could go to the doctors. Oh dear, how childish was I, and an issue to talk to the play therapist about Tuesday.

Once downstairs I have to say I shut the living room door and just sat feeling very bad, Munch kept calling but I ignored him until in the end he actually came and stood at the bottom of the stairs, he has never come down once in bed since he has been here. He was crying with real tears, only the second time I have seen him do that as well since he has been here and saying I want a hug and kiss, so I said come on let’s go back to bed, and for the 1st time ever I had a big proper hug, where he hugged me back as well, I kissed him on the head with out him, yelling get off, what a break though!!

I said what a silly pickle we have got ourselves into over a couple of toe nails, he let me cut them and we had another cuddle and kiss good-night. It was like afterwards he decided that he liked the hugs as he called down saying he felt poorly and needed a hug again, which I did, in the end he has ended up in mummy and daddy’s bed, but we will be putting him back in his own bed when we go up.