30/12 – Panto

Munch went into Granny this morning, he called us to go and see to the dog as her ears were playing up.

The morning went well, he played for a while with his new drum sticks off Grampy, he was making us laugh as he was drumming on his head, his tummy, his legs, he then went upstairs, to do his hour.

We all went into the local shopping centre, daddy took Munch to his favorite football teams shop and granny brought him a jumper with the logo on. We all had dinner in BHS and generally just had a walk around. Munch used his own money to by a Club Penguin toy before we came home.

Munch went upstairs to watch a film on the TV, he only watched about 1/2 of it before getting bored and then became a dog, he must have spent the next hour and a 1/2 crawling around on his hand and knee’s barking and just generally being a pest, in the end we had to tell him to stop.

At last it was time to get ready for the Panto, we were all off to see our local production of Snow White. We all really enjoyed it, Munch sat in awe most of the time and only joined in towards the end, he said that he really enjoyed it though.

Back home and it was supper and bed.