Two Important Letters

Munch knocked on our bedroom door at 7am to ask if it was time to get up yet, he was sent back to bed for another 1/2 hour. Morning routine went well and we walked to school as I was going out straight after.

So after dropping Munch of I took myself of to my work so that I could hand in the 2 letters I had written last night, the 1st was to say that I would be returning to work on the 1st January and would like to drop my shifts to 1 per week (I work 12 1/2 hour shifts). The 2nd was to say that I was resigning as of the 31st March, that will be the 12 weeks that I have to work so I don’t have to pay back my adoption leave pay. The A/L that I have accumulated over the 12 months I have been off will more than cover my 1 shift per week, so a weight lifted I will not have to go back to work at all, a bit scary money wise, but I am sure we will get by.

Afterwards, I had a lovely walk along the South Bank of the Thames, the Christmas Market was there so I had a mooch around. I then crossed over the river to the Embankment where I met hubby for a lovely Starbucks and some noodles from Wasabi’s before getting the train home again.

Fetched Munch from school after his film club, asked him what he watched, but as usual, did not get a straight answer, asked what he had for dinner, and he said broccoli and jelly beans, which I suppose makes a change from his usual answer of pizza, burger and chicken nuggets.

We had a very uneventful evening, and I am now off to have a lovely soak in the bath.