Granny Comes Visiting

Yesterday again we had a good day. Munch and I went shopping for a Halloween outfit and a bit of food. We then went home and got ready for the Ugly Bug Ball we were attending in the afternoon at our local Children’s Centre.

We went Munch was well-behaved but as usual in these situations his emotional age is a few years younger and he just ran round and round, joining in the dancing once or twice. Our friends daughter was there with her child minder and for a lot of the time he just wanted to be with her. Towards the end daddy and granny came, Munch was pleased to see granny but was very caught up in what was happening in the centre.

Munch was very good at home in the evening and on very good form with granny even sitting on her knee. He played hide and seek and on the computer before bed.

Today has been a day of 2 halfs, this morning Munch got up and went to granny but did go back to bed when asked to. We were going to Chessington today and Munch had been looking forward to it.

After breakfast and getting dressed i was like Munch had his finger on the self distruct button, he was uncooperative, was in one of his blaming and twisting moods, he ended up having time out, he was very angry and kicking out and swearing. He calmed down before the end of the 7 minutes, and we eventually go off.

Once at Chessington, he was moody waned to go on rides then did not want to, he had a rotten attitude and was constantly being rude, in the end I read him the riot act and told him that I was fed up of it, we were not just going to wonder around aimlessly all day, that he could loss his attitude and that this was it no more warning’s. The next time we would just go home. He was a bit sullen afterwards, be picked up and we had a lovely rest of the day.

Coming home in the car I was beginning to think we had picked up he wrong child, he was very polite and kind, he was very pleasant. We came home, he had supper and off he went to bed.

Dare I Say it…..

We have had another good day here. Few wake up calls before 9am but sent back to bed. Afterwards up and breakfast. Dressed and bike ride with daddy whilst he walked the day.

Munch played on the Wii for a while whilst we had a cuppa before we all went to pick up daddy’s cab. Daddy went off to work whilst me and Munch went and did a bit of shopping. We then called in to see a friend who had been one of our references, it was the 1st time she had met Munch. He was really well-behaved, he put on his usual front, but it was not half as bad as normal.

When we got home I asked Munch to entertain himself as I needed to as Granny is coming tomorrow to stay, this he did lovely, he played upstairs for a while then downstairs making a huge mountain out of my pile of ironing!!!  At one point I asked Munch for a cuddle and got a lovely one, a real 1st for him to just come and give me one.

After tea Munch went on the computer whilst speaking to his cousin on the phone, said goodbye when told to had his supper and off to bed. We had a lovely goodnight hug and kisses, Munch then called me back saying I had cuddled him and he wanted to cuddle me, after the cuddle he then went on to kiss me on the cheek put in a totally inappropriate way, I asked him to stop but he continued, I repeated several times  that is not how son’s kiss their mummy’s, but he continued laughing and kept saying ‘scardy cat’, I left the room and on the way out of the room said that I was sad that even though I had asked him not to kiss me like that and why, he had continued to do so. Half way down the stairs I got a ‘sorry mummy’.

A little while after he had been in bed Munch started calling down saying he need cream for a poorly, I think it was more to do with not liking to go to sleep on a bad note, and needed me to go up and show him I was not cross and everything was ok.

And Another Good One!!

We had a visit during the night as Munch had a nose bleed. I moped him up and took  him back to his bed with a toilet roll and we did not hear another peep until he knocked on the door and came into our bedroom armed with his clock to show us that it was 9am.

Munch and daddy got up and left me in bed for a nice lay in. I could hear them laughing and playing downstairs. Munch came up every now and again to tell me what was happening. A little later they got themselves ready and off they went swimming whilst i had a nice couple of hours peace and quiet.

When they got back Munch came in and gave me the biggest hug, that was such a big break through for our little man and even know a good few hours later I find myself grinning about it. We all watched a bit of TV, Munch used the computer, then it was time for dinner.

After that normal evening routine, bath, TV, supper, teeth, bed, we had a little incident whilst getting into bed where he pushed me. This has happened several times lately, so I had words with him. This started him shouting at me, I put down his book and told him that I  was fed up with being shouted at and if that was how he was going to speak to me, I was not going to stay and left the room. Munch called down that he was sorry and please could he have his story, so I went back up and said on this occasion I would read to him. He listened well and again I had a lovely goodnight hug and lovely kisses.

One glowing mummy signing off…….

A lovely Saturday

Well what another great day yesterday, Munch was in a good mood, we just did normal family things like watching Saturday morning TV, although I have to say it’s changed a bit over the years. Daddy got up and made all the appropriate ooohhhhs and aahhhs over last nights experiments.

Me and Munch then went to our local shopping centre, Munch had his £3 pocket money which was burning a hole in his ‘purse’. So money spent, we went for lunch, then to have a look at some cloths as he is very particular with what he likes to wear and he has shot up so much in the 9 months he has been with us that he will need a whole new winter wardrobe.

Our only wobbly moment was when we went into the Disney shop and he saw Phineas and Ferb bits, he wanted to take back what he had already bought so that he could have his money back and buy that instead, and no amount of explaining was going to convince him that he would not have enough to buy anything here!!! In the end he was given a warning and when he repeated we left the shop.

All home for a very pleasant evening, I even got to what Strictly Come Dancing. We had tea in the living room for a treat, Munch told me that I had made a very good choice for tea. Merlin was watched and then off to bed for story and light out.

And half term hols start

Good morning, I was feeling much better, although still have a raging sore throat. Just one knock this morning and sent back to room.

Hubby and I had been talking about things we wanted to do with Munch leading up to Christmas, and one of them was to take him to Harrods Santa’s Grotto, there was me thinking how good and early I was looking to book this, there was not one weekend booking left!!!! I then looked at Selfridges and have now booked for here 10 days before Christmas on a day we can go after school. I have also booked for one of the local shopping centres for the 23d December. I am very excited now.

Picked up from school and told that he would need to entertain himself for a while as I needed to get on as needed to catch up with things. Munch played on his DS and Wii for a while, I then let him on the computer just before dinner. He asked for help a few times but on the whole got on with it, we had a few cheeky moments and him trying to control, we had 1 time-out, I have said from now on he is o do it on the stairs rather than the chair as he is constantly opening and closing cupboards and doing things he should not, he moved without any opposition, surprise surprise.

After dinner Munch asked if we could experiment, so out came the red food colouring, ‘red’ orange squash made, ‘red’ banana milkshake, ‘red’ chips, ‘red’ pasta, very ‘red’ hands, oh and my nice pine table is now ‘red’!!!!!!! He really enjoyed this though and did very well so star awarded.

After that he showered himself and watched tv for an hour before his later bedtime as no school tomorrow. We let him have an extra hour on none school nights in the hope that he will sleep in a little later, never works though, so have once again pointed to the 9am on his clock and said that he can knock then, we will see!!!

Sunday 2nd October

Today Munch was knocking on the bedroom door at 7.40 even after his late night, I asked him to go back to his bed but he wanted to get in so I allowed him to and let him put on the tv until 9am when we got up, but not afer him asking every 15 minutes ‘when are we getting up’. We are going to put his clock back in his room this week and point out 9am on it and give him a star if he stays in his bedroom until then on a Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday is computer day so Munch was straight on it this morning, he was good when asked to use it on his own, he did ask a couple of times for help but on the whole got on with it.

In the afternoon we went to Kids Kingdom which he always enjoys, i get to sit and read and drink coffee, Munch will come over ever so often to check in. He gets ver hot and sweaty and normally within not long of being there has made friends with someone.

We did the healthy Macdonald’s afterwards then came home. We had 3/4 hour till bath time and Munch asked to phone his cousin, she was doing her home work, he had been warned that this could be the case, but still he made a fuss and created, my SIL on hearing said that cousin would have break from homework for 1/2 hour until his bath time. I would have said no as I feel that he needs to know that sometimes you cannot just have things your own way, but in the end let him. He listened well whilst on the phone so was told he could have a star.

After bath and tv, we had usual bedtime routine and I read him a boo about the colour of love that the play therapist had given to us, with some coloured fathers so that I could touch him with them, for most of the story he listened well, but afterwards was quite stroppy saying that i was a rubbish book that there was no such thing as love, messed around with cuddle and kiss, got distraught when I said that if he didn’t want to do it nicely I was going, I did then get a cuddle and kiss of some sort.