19/11- Bullying

We had a very good start to the day. When we got to school and Munch lined up one of the other boys came up and stood next to Munch and said to his mum, that’s Munch, he’s the one I’ve been telling you about, I said to Munch what have you been up to, and he looked back at me with a very puzzled look on his face, this other boy said he’s been bullying me in the playground. I then spoke to the mum and asked her if  her boy had been having a problem, I think that she was a bit shocked that I spoke to her, and sort of warbled that her son had been coming home for a few day’s saying that Munch had been hitting him. I told her I would go and have a word with the teacher, and told Munch that I would speak to him about it when we got home.

I spoke to the teacher and told her what had been said, she was very surprised, she said that she would speak to both of them today. Munch often mention’s this boy, he is one of the few children that he does talk about, so I was very surprised, but if it was happening I wanted it nipped in the bud ASAP. Munch, I know can be very clingy with children, and I know some do not like this and in he past we have had friends children who have found this scary.

When I picked Munch up from school, I spoke again to his teacher, she said that she had spoken to the boy in question, he was adamant that nothing was happening, and that him and Munch were friends, so I have left it at that. On the way home, Munch said about me going to speak to him at home so I told him that I had spoken to his teacher and she had said every thing was ok so I had nothing to talk to him about, he said then tha he had done nothing, I have to say that I think we can tell when he is not being truthful and I felt like he was then, so I used this to illustrate how it is not nice to blamed for something you have not done and that is why when he blames people for something they have not done he has to sit on the step.

We went to the Children’s Centre for there stay and play session, he does not have very much contact with other children besides school and Beaver’s so I thought it would be good to go so that he had other children to play with, he kept saying that he didn’t want to go, but I knew once he got there he would enjoy it, so I said that we would go and stay for 10 minutes, if after that he didn’t want to stay we would go home, once there he was off playing with he other’s, they did a few things fo Children in Need, like face painting and guess how many spots were on the wall. He lasted till 5 minutes from the end then wanted to go home.

The rest of the evening went ok, apart from when I was speaking on the phone and he kept interrupting, we had snuggle time on his bed, I am really enjoying this time as we having lovely talks during them, tonight Munch was asking how long it was until the Christmas Party at the centre, I told him it was a little while yet, and that after the party we were going to have to got straight out as I had arranged for him to meet a certain man who would be visiting soon, his face was a picture although he was trying not to show it, he then said, I don’t want to visit santa Claus, that’s ok said I, I can cancel it, oh well said he, we had better go now then been as you have already booked it!!!!!! He had the biggest grin, a proper heart melting moment.