23/1 – A Quiet Sunday.

After such a late night Munch was up at 9am, so not to bad. We had a quietish day to make up for the very lively day we had yesterday.

We had a couple of incidents, both concerning the cause of yesterday’s meltdown, I am not going to talk about them on here as it is a very sensitive issue which we feel is from his past, but very disturbingĀ in the fact he is saying we have done it, I have worked in the past with children who have used people they feel safe with to bring issues to the surface, it is something we will discuss with our play therapist and Munch’s SW, our main worry is that we need to get these incidentĀ on record to cover ourselves in case he should say it to somebody else.

Lunch time we all took a trip to fetch the car as we had got a taxi home last night, I came home and daddy and Munch went bowling for a couple of hours.

Back at home and it was a quick shower, some TV for Munch then an early bedtime to make up for lack of sleep, he was in bed by 7pm, and must have gone to sleep straight away because even when our Chinese was delivered we di not get the usual shout from upstairs of “save me some”!!!!!