Where did the 6 week summer Hols go!!!

Well I cannot believe that the 6 week school summer holiday’s has been and gone already and my Munch is now in the Junior School.

Our holiday started well we had a week at home before we went away with Granny and his big cousin to Butlins for a 4 night break from the Monday to the Friday night. We travelled down to my brother and sister-in-laws on the Sunday night and had a night there before leaving early on the Monday. We stopped for breakfast on the way which all enjoyed. My niece brought one of her CD’s with us and we played it all they way there, the look on Munch’s face as we all sang along to he song’s in the car was a picture.

We had a lovely week, Munch as usual was a bit of a handful and needed some reigning in on times, but on he whole was good. One of the funny thing’s when we were there was that he got himself a girlfriend!! He never got to know her name though!!

The following week we met his Foster Carer’s at a restaurant with a play area attached, we were happy to be doing it as we feel it is very important for Munch to see that there are still people in his life that care, but we were also well aware that it was what triggered his realisation last year that we were his family and our honeymoon period came to an abrupt halt.  We had a lovely few hours with them, they are at present fostering 3 children so Munch enjoyed having other children to play with, they had a couple of hours in the play room and as it was nice they were also able to play on the outdoor play area.  The time went very quickly and before we knew it the time was getting on and as we all had a couple of hours drive home it was time to leave. We all agreed to met again and said our goodbye’s.

We had a bit of a detour on the way home and finally arrived home quite late, Munch played with his football for a little while outside until he fell and banged his arm on the wall, he must have hurt himself because he actually came to me and cuddled in. I looked at his arm, there was no marks or swelling even though he said it hurt to turn his hand, and off he went to bed.

Next morning when Munch got up he said that it was still hurting to turn his hand, again I checked it but no visible signs of  anything wrong and off he went playing in the garden whilst daddy was tidying the garden, after a little while he went on his trampoline he was bouncing away and did a handstand and his arm just gave way and he collapsed in a heap on the trampoline. I was sitting in the kitchen and  heard his bone crack from where I was . Munch was very good he was upset and must have been in so much pain, his arm was bent. I have never got dressed so quick in my life and we were in daddy’s taxi and on the way to the hospital within 5 minutes.

The hospital was very busy he was taken straight into children’s A and E but we did have to wait a while until the doctor was able to see him, the x-ray showed that he had broken both the bones in the front of his arm. In the end a nurse came and said that she was going to put a temporary cast on it as he must be in a lot of pain, they also gave him morphine for the pain. Eventually the doctor was able to come and said that it would need pinning so we had to stay in overnight so that Munch could go to theatre in the morning.

Munch thoroughly enjoyed the attention over the 2 day’s, I have never seen anyone look so pleased to be going down to theatre the next morning, different story when it came to them putting in a cannula though!!! Once his am had been set we were allowed home later that day.

The broken arm put pay to a lot of our plans and we were limited to what we could do for the rest of the holidays.

We had a great weekend camping with other adoptive families, it truly was a great experience, it was good to see that Munch was not on his own in some of his behaviours, it was great that when he did have his moments, I id not feel like all eyes were on us, I cannot recommend these holiday’s enough to adoptive families.

We had a week camping booked for the last week of the holiday but as the weather was a bit unpredictable and the site we had booked onto had terrible reviews, when Munch asked when were we going to stay at granny’s again we gave him the choice of the camping holiday or going to granny’s, he choose granny’s, so me and him went to granny’s for the week instead.

It worked out well, it took his mind off going back to school the next we, we all ha a lovely time, his behaviour was getting a little anxious and at times he was very trying, but looking back to the same period last year it is hard to believe the progress we have made in the last 12 months.

So he has now been back at school for 3 weeks and he is loving it, he likes the harder work, he at the moment is even enjoying his homework so lets hope that continue’s, we have had a problem with him fining it hard to manage the freedom of dinner times and has been getting himself into trouble and getting a lot of detention. I have spoken to his teacher and as firmly as I can have put the ball in their court, I have said as much as we can talk to him about it we are not there and that they have a care of duty, what can they do to help him manage his time, whilst he is coming across as very cocky and confident it is his way of hiding the fact that he is very scared and thinks that nobody likes him, that he is not good, so I have said that whilst I know that his behaviour has to be dealt with I am not happy with him constantly getting detention as this will just re-enforce his image of himself, so I will give it a week then ask to speak to her again to be updated on what THEY are doing.