My Poorly Boy

Morning was fine this morning, just a normal morning in our house, gosh I have waited 11 months to say that.

I went to one of our local shopping Centre’s and did all of our Christmas shopping so all we have now to do is get the rest of Munch’s bits and piece’s, we know what they are so it’s just a case of heading to Smyth’s Toystore one day very soon.

Picked Munch up from school, he brought out a couple of presents from his nurture group that he goes to on a Wednesday afternoon at school. One was a lovely Christmasy photo frame he had made himself with his photo in, aaahhhh.

We stopped off at the Post Office to pick up a parcel which had a Christmas present in for Munch it has been put under the Christmas Tree for santa’s elves to pick up tonight to take to santa for him to deliver on Christmas Eve!!

We started to build Munch’s Lego that he got yesterday, Munch started to complain of stomach ache and a headache and took himself off and just lay on the sofa wrapped up in daddy’s jumper and his snuggle fleece. He looked very flushed and felt warm to the touch. I just left him there to rest, I asked if he wanted to eat he just wanted 1/2 a slice of toast. After eating the toast he seemed to perk up a bit and wanted to play Junior Monopoly, which we did for 1/2 hour, and he ate another piece of toast, a whole piece this time. After this he just lay on the sofa again and went to bed an hour early, in our bed of course a gave him some calpol and have let him watch TV for an hour.

I shall be tuning it off very soon and shall let him fall asleep in our bed then put him back in his own bed, sod’s law isn’t it that he would be poorly today, it’s my works Christmas, come my Leaving Do tomorrow night, I hope Munch is feeling better as there is no way I will go and leave him like this fingers crossed xxx

Good Day, But No Carol Service!!

Things went well this morning, Munch was in a good mood, he even told me he had no TV this morning because he had come into our bedroom. We went out in plenty of time fo school, then the dreaded iced up windscreen, I forgot again, so sitting there like lemon’s waiting fo it to defrost, luckily daddy pulled up in his cab and we jump out of the car into daddy’s taxi.

Our SW phoned today to find out how the review had gone, so filled her in a bit on what has been happening, she is going o get on to Munch’s SW an rearrange the review date for ASAP, but realistically not expecting it until the New Year now. I also got round to phoning for Disability Living allowance forms, so we will see if we are entitled to that, as I have had to give up work.

Picked Munch up from school, we came home, did his reading first, he was not in a very cooperative mood, he read slowly, struggled with words that I know he know’s, tried  to miss out whole pages, so I just let him carry on, and wrote in his reading diary how he had done, and read out to him what I had written. After that he got changed had 1/2 on the computer then went upstairs to play until tea time, we had stew, Munch did not want dumplings so I asked if he would like a slice of bread, which he did, he made me laugh because he did not dip the bread into the gravy, he made himself a sandwich with the vegetables from the stew!!

We had 1/2 of Junior Monopoly, we each won 1 game each before getting ready fo the Beaver’s Carol Service, off we went, I had not been able to find the letter telling us where it was, but knew it had said to park in a certain Iceland’s car park because it was near, I though thee would be others attending who would be parking there but the car park was very quiet, we walked around and around, there were no near by churches or hall’s where Beaver’s could be held, we even got in the car and had a drive around, nothing. We eventually gave up and headed home, I felt extremely bad, next time I will make a note of where so that if the letter goes missing I know where thing’s are. On the way home we called into Morrison’s and I let Munch pick something as I had made him miss his Carol Service, I was disappointed too as I was looking forward to our 1st Carol Service together. Munch chose a Lego set.

At home we watched a bit of TV before the bedtime, had a good bedtime routine tonight I did his teeth again and Munch was in bed all nicely tucked up, daddy came home at 9.45 and we heard banging and Munch appeared on the stairs very tearful, I asked him what was a matter he was very sleepy and just leaned on me, I asked if he had a bad dream and he nodded, daddy came and carried Munch back to his bed and he has been fast asleep since.

Another Lovely Normal day

Munch came into our room at exactly 9am this morning, he got in with us for 5 minutes before we all got up and had breakfast. Daddy went to work and Munch asked if we could play his Junior Monopoly, I said I would that I would play for an hour as I had a few things I wanted to catch up with today I set the timer for 60 minutes as I find this works very well with Munch, I will give him a warning tha we have 5 minutes left and then when the alarm goes he will finish what he is doing, where as with out it can be very hard work to get Munch to stop. In that hour we played 3 games, I won 2 to his 1, Munch was happy about this, a big contrast to what would have happened a few months ago, when he would not of coped with loosing at all.

Whilst I got on with what I needed to do Munch 1st played upstairs for a while, then came down and played Lego for a while. Then he was upstairs he was making me smile as he had made himself as stage out of his storage boxes and was playing his guitar, whilst banging his drum with his foot and singing loudly into his microphone, I think the X Factor has a lot to answer for!!!

We popped out to pick up something for dinner as I though we were going to grampy’s today I had got nothing in for Sunday lunch, in the Super market Munch pushed me, when he bumped himself on the basket so when we got in he did 7 minutes on the step, then he chose to watch a Lassie film, he started off well but got a bit bored with it,  I had to remind him several times that on Sunday afternoon’s we have wind down time, by the time the film had finished daddy was home and had gone upstairs to watch West Ham on the TV, Munch went up for a while and watched it with daddy, they then came and played Junior Monopoly again. Munch was very keen that we had a ‘family’ game of Monopoly.

We had a very late dinner tonight, then Munch had a bath and straight down for supper, he was in a fabulous mood and was laughing and joking with daddy. He gave daddy a big hug, as we were running late it is a school night, Munch had to choose 1 of either, story, snuggle or cream. He chose snuggle, just after we had got ourselves all comfy and snuggled on the bed, he decided he needed to go and fetch daddy to join in snuggle time because he loved him, ah. Daddy came and we all had snuggle time together then hugs and kisses goodnight, not long after we were down Munch called to say he felt sick and had a headache could he sleep in our room, no was the answer, lay down quietly said I and go to sleep, 5 minutes later and he had 1 of his nose bleeds, this was his way of getting attention, at least it was because he wanted to be with us tonight and not because of stress.

Something has changed within Munch in the last couple of day’s, he seems so much more settled, he is very family orientated and is talking about our family and doing family thing’s and it seem’s to me that the happiness and laughing is as if he is accepting and realising that we are his family, I have lost count of the time’s he has told us that he loves us, listened to him singing away to himself, how he loves his mama, how he loves the dog. I will take this for as long as it lasts, and we will drink in every moment of it.

One Happy Boy

After feeling so bad yesterday, I felt much better today, hubby got up at7.30 to go o work and I could hear him talking with Munch in his bedroom, they both went downstairs and I had a blissful 1/2 on my own in bed. when daddy was on his way out to work, Munch came and got in bed with me and put on cartoon network, our peace didn’t lat long as daddy was banging around downstairs because he could not find his glasses and like everything else it was all everybody else fault bar his own, so we ended up getting up to look for the glasses.

Daddy eventually went off to work, Munch had an hour on the computer, then we got ready to go and do our bit of Christmas shopping in preparation for our visit to Grampy’s tomorrow, shopping was done, lunch was had in a nice little cafe, then we went to the card shop, at the till as we had a grand-dad card, lady said do you want this grand-dad mug for a £1.00, yes please said Munch, mug bought for grand-dad, as you have spent over £10 you can have this teddy bear for £4.99, yes please said Munch, now I was happy to buy the teddy for him, but I do think its a liberty the way that they are pushed in front of the children’s faces like that in these shops!!! Bit of food shopping and home, we phoned granny and both myself and the Munch had a nice chat with her and Munch is now watching Cloudy with Meatball’s, so I am going to get on with a bit of the housework whilst he is quiet.

Munch played and built some great things with his Lego after the film, we then had dinner and played a few games of Junior Monopoly till daddy came home and he took over playing with him. Munch was in a fab mood and was very giggly through out.

We had supper, story, snuggle time and Munch is now fast asleep. He was disappointed as Grampy had phoned to say that the weather forecast in his area was bad for tomorrow and as it’s a good 3 hour drive, we have decided not to go and he was looking forward to going, but we have said that we will go for a whole weekend rather than just a day in the New Year.

We have had a great day today Munch has been very happy today, very smiley, has asked for hugs and kisses, has been telling jokes and just been a joy to be with, it’s days like today that keep us going.

3/12 – No School Again

After sitting up till silly o’clock this morning, Munch came in at 7.30 to ask if he had school today, he was very apologetic, but said he just wanted to know if there was school today, fair enough, and he went back to his room happily once I had told him I did not know yet, alarm went off at 7.45, got up did breakfast and phoned the number we had been given as we had no texts yet from the school, yes school was open, then as soon as I put the phone down got a text saying school was closed, much to Munch’s delight.

We had a peaceful morning as Munch wanted to watch Spy Kids 3 that he had recorded on Sky, then by the time that had finished, daddy was up and they sat and built with the Lego, so still peaceful. Daddy was going to work and me and Munch were going Christmas shopping, but Munch really wanted Daddy to come, so we are lucky that daddy can change his work to suit himself and us, so daddy took today off and off we all went, Munch was a little hyper whilst out, he had £6.61 of his own money to spend and that was all that he went on about, so in the end we ended up just letting munch spend his money, as I had began to feel not well at all, this is the second time in about 6 weeks, both times it has come on very quickly, and so we made our way home.

Daddy had to go to nanny’s to take her some supplies, Munch didn’t want to go, but he has been well-behaved and has played on the computer quietly and is now watch TV, so I can lay down, he is patiently waiting for daddy to come home and hoping that he will play the Junior Monopoly with him, as on nights when he has no school the next day he gets to stay up an hour longer he will be able to stay up till 9pm tonight, as we have just changed his bedtime to 8pm.

Daddy came home and they both played Junior Monopoly until 8.30, then Munch came and watched TV for 1/2 before bed.

27/11 – Karate Kid.

Today daddy decided to do a day shift at work, very rare as he hates getting up in the morning’s, Munch was awake so daddy said he could come into bed with me, he lasted for 10 minutes then decided he was going to have a cup of tea with daddy so downstairs’ he went, about 15 minutes later back he came with daddy carrying his cup of tea and back into bed he got with his cup of tea!!!

Munch put on his cartoon network and happily watched TV until 9.30, so I had a nice lay in. We came downstairs and had breakfast, Munch had his hour on the computer then sat very happily playing with his Lego, it’s almost mid-day and we are both sitting here in out PJ’s, so we are going to go and get dressed now so we can go and do a bit of shopping in Tesco’s.

Right shopping done, had lunch at the cafe in Tesco’s, Munch bought himself a little Spongebob Squarepants keyring out of his own money and we are now back home. Munch has phoned his big cousin and played on Club Penguin for 20 minutes, we have both spent 1/2 hour on the Wii doing Just Dance, boy do I think my arms are going to ache tomorrow and now against my better judgement Munch is on the sofa watching the new Karate Kid film, I say against my better judgement because we have has to take away his Disney Mulan film before because he has been very hyped up after watching it and is in everyone’s face’s doing his karate move’s, it not him doing he karate moves that is the problem, it is the fact that he is very much in everyone’s space and to close for comfort. He has been warned that should he do this after watching this film, it will be taken away and he will not be able to watch anything like it again.

Well film is over, we are having lots of karate move’s, but we are very much controlling it, he has given us a display of his karate move’s, fallen and banged his head on the TV speaker, picked himself up and carried on. Did some Wii Just Dance for daddy to see, they are now having some timed ‘karate fights’ they have 2 minutes left then Munch is having some calm down time.

Munch went on his Club Penguin until our Saturday take away arrived, we had pizza today, I would like to say it was yummy, but it wasn’t, so I won’t. Afterwards I started to get ready as me and daddy were having a night out tonight, Munch decided he was going to be a pain in the backside, he was up and down the stairs messing with thing’s he should not be, so I told him to go and put his PJ’s on so that if he carried on he could go straight to bed, that cured him and he went downstairs.

Merlin came on so he settled down to watch that and had his supper whilst watching, babysitter arrived, munch promptly threw up, combination of eating quickly and swigging down his drink to quick, puk cleaned up and me and daddy were off.

A few Bacardi’s consumed a good band listened and it was home and bed ready to start a new day.

SW’s Visit – 17/11

We had a good morning today, I had told Munch the previous evening that his SW was visiting today as it ment that he was unable to stay to film club after school. We had stopped telling him before his SW visited and we normally only tell him now when we pick him up from school when his SW is already here as the first couple of times he visited Munch was awake all night before with pains in his legs. Munch had slept all night so that was good.

We were not only having a visit from Munch’s SW but our SW was coming to as we have our 4th review next week, our SW was coming a bit before so that we could discuss anything we needed to before Munch’s SW arrived. In the mean time we received a phone call from Munch’s school to say that he had really bad nose bleed and what should they do!!!! I explained to them that his was one of Munch’s big trick’s when he is stress about anything, when he was 1st here we used to get up to his bedroom wall looking like a massacure had taken part in his bedroom, he would plaster his walls by his bed in blood, I was a bit annoyed, the fact that we had no leg pains last night, it was his way of showing his stress, person who I was talking to went and spoke to person dealing with Munch and came back and said, no he had not made I bleed himself, to which I said that he is very clever in how he does it,  I have seen him make it pour in front of me on more han one occasions when he has not been able to deal with a situation. They asked me what I wanted to do, he is at school with you what do you want me to do!!!!! Person said that they would speak to the head teacher and phone back, by now Munch’s SW had phoned early to say that he was at the station, so off when daddy to pick him up, our SW then turned up, so not much time to talk to her about anything before the other one turned up, and then the head teacher phoned to say that Munch was looking very pale  so it would be best if we picked him up, this I was not pleased with as giving Munch’s track record I have visions of a nose bleed every time something is happening he is not keen on at school. I told her that I was just waiting for the SW to turn up and we would be there when we could. We took the opportunity to have 10 minutes all together when daddy and SW got back then daddy went and fetched Munch.

Before fetching Munch we managed to talk about his SW applying for more funding for he play therapy and us having our papers ready so that everyone in agreement we can put our papers in to court he very next day, yipee!!!!

Munch and daddy turned up, Munch looked far from pale and put on a great show with his pool table, wanted to wash his nose asap, which they had not been willing to do a school. One very happy to be home child, able to listen to everything that was being said. The good thing that came out of it was that, Munch having been seen by his SW,  off when said SW nice and early, he had booked into a hotel for the night as he always does, so was having a nice early finish.

Sw’s gone, Munch wanted to play with his Lego with daddy, he was very obviously on a Knife edge though after the visit and some of our biggest meltdowns have been post SW visits, he was in one of his contrary moods, and it was obvious that it did not mater what anybody did it was going to be wrong, in the end I just said you are being very rude all the time, it is not allowed, step. He was not happy, banged on the door, made lots of noise for he 1st couple of minutes then just sat on the step. This seemed to regulate him though and he and daddy had a great time with the Lego up until dinner.

After his bath Munch was allowed to have his supper and drink in the living room whilst watching TV for a one-off. Upstairs straight after for story, but Munch, kept interupting and messing around so story book got put away, we then did snuggle time, but when time was up he would not move hen was very hyper and I had to leave the room with hug or kiss, just I good night, I waited for it and a few minutes later got he call fo a hug and a kiss, which I went up and we had. Quiet at last.

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