A Lovely Day

Well what can I say after posting last night and thinking we had got away with Munch only calling down once, we had a barrage of him calling down, wanting us to go up, he was really playing on his ‘poorly’ on his head, I gave him calpol because he was complaining of a headache, the last time he called out was 11.45pm!!

This morning though we did get a nice lay in as Munch didn’t come in till 9.30am, and then got in with us for 1/2 hour. We got up Munch used the computer for a while, then watch a film on Disney XD. Once that had finished I could feel Munch becoming a bit hyper so channelled his energy in doing one of his jigsaw’s that he had received for Christmas. We sat down together for a good 2 hour’s doing his puzzle, it is a fairly big one so lots left to do tomorrow as well.

We left at 3.30 to go into London. We got the bus and tube to Leicester Square where Munch chose the Pizza Hut to eat in, from there we walked to Trafalgar Square, then part of the way up Whitehall before jumping on a bus to outside County Hall. We then practically walked onto the London Eye, it was lovely in the night seeing all the lights. After we bought Munch a teddy and he bought himself a little ball, we watched the 4D film twice before making our way home.

We didn’t get home until gone 9pm, so it was supper and straight to bed. Munch has called own a couple of times claiming to have a headache so I have given him some calpol but told him tonight was the last time as this was the second night he has had it and 2 nights is enough, no more calling since, but I am not holding my breath!!!

Today has been a lovely day, not without its testing times, but I have enjoyed it all the same and it is day’s like today that make it all the more worth while.