A Strange Time!!

Where does the time go I cannot believe it has been 10 days since I last posted.

We have had a week of the Easter School holiday’s as well. It’s been a strange time as we had MIL funeral during the week. Munch on the whole has coped very well, we have had some regression and he has needed reassurance along the way but has coped well. We did not take him to the funeral but did take him to the church the night before when the church received the body, he was a bit worried about nanny snoring in her box and asked did she have  a pillow in their with her!!!

We have not done much over the week, we went ice skating one day and as usual was there from start to finish, on the day of the funeral Munch went to an activity day and apart from that we have muddled through, routine has gone out of the window with late night’s and all of us having a bit of a lay in, in the morning’s, I am sure we will pay for it at a later date.

We have had to use the step a few times and today whilst out shopping we had to leave before any shopping got done.

I enquired about our referral to CAHM’s this week and I know our case has been discussed and we will be contacted within 8 – 12 weeks, 4 of which have already passed.

What has been noticeable whilst other people have been around is that you see thing’s more through others eye’s, I have noticed how everything is done as my dad kept saying a 140 miles an hours, he does not stop and is constantly on the go, when we go ice skating he will practical skate solidly for 5 1/2 hours and then come home and play football with his dad for 2 hours!!!

The one thing though is he is into his movies and will sit quietly to watch one, as he is doing now.

Hopefully thing’s will get back to normal here now and I will try to update more often.

And Another Week.

Well a whole week has gone by since I last posted and we have had another good week.

We went ice skating on Saturday, first time since Munch cut his head and had to have it glued, it was as if nothing happened and he was away like a good one, we certainly get our money’s worth because he insists on staying till the end. We have now bought him his own skates and he cannot wait to get to the rink again to try them out, so we know what we will be doing on Saturday.

Sunday Munch spent most of the day watching Movies in his pants!! He has taken a liking to watching films and has watched a good few over the last week.

Monday I  got the dreaded ‘can I have a word’ from his class teacher, apparently Munch had been calling out and had pinched some of the children, his class teacher had not been there for the afternoon so he had another teacher and he does not do change well. I made all the right noises, but basically am doing what his play therapist has said to do, and that is acknowledge it with Munch but otherwise let the school deal with it as we have enough to deal with here, so it was just a case of ‘I don’t want to be called aside by your teacher tomorrow’ and left at that.

Also on Monday Munch started football training which he thourly enjoyed, then Tuesday Beaver’s, and his Karate Wednesday, today we went to kids Kingdom which is a soft play area, tomorrow after school I am doing nothing!!!

I myself have started following the Slimming World eating plan this week, I did very well on it a few years back, but gradually the weight has crept back on and over the last year it has really crept back up, I was not back to what I was at my heaviest, but nearly. I have added the weight loss ticker to try to motivate myself more, so far I have lost 2 lbs which I am pleased with, my aim is 1-11/2 lbs a week.

Anyway I am hoping for another good week in the Munch household, so watch this space.