Another Proud Mummy Moment!!

It hit me a few days ago how things must be a lot calmer here, at one point I was posting a lot, now I tend to only post every now and again, and hopefully for more thing’s that are nice than the other way around.

Munch being Munch is always going to have his moments as all children do but it is nice to be able to post thing that I want to look back at and smile.

The week has been a typical week in the Munch household a few step moments for mainly speaking rudely, will we ever get rid of that behaviour!!!

On Saturday Munch had his 2nd Karate grading and did very well, he earned his yellow belt and got a trophy for being best red – yellow belt student, so a very pleased Munch and proud mummy and daddy went to celebrate at Macdonald’s, don’t say we don’t know how to live!!!

Back at home, Munch and daddy took the dog out for a walk, Munch rode his bike, he was still riding the bike that his cousin had given him the 1st time they met last year. We had asked him during he week that been as we will be going to court soon for our Adoption Order (we still haven’t told him exactly when), what would he like for an Adoption Present and he had asked for a new bike and a family game, bless him!! When they got back daddy was very concerned that the brakes that had been fixed a few times were again not working. So we decided to take him to our local bike shop and get his new bike, which we did and Munch peddled it home with daddy.

Yesterday was another day spent at the ice rink, I am seriously thinking of booking lessons for both me and him, him because he is actually quite good at it and me because I am not, and joining in is preferable to sitting and freezing watching him!!!!!

Until next time…….