Bank Holiday Tuesday

Munch came into us at 8.30 to ask if he could put his Xbox on, we then went down at 9am. this morning has been good, we had one visit to the step for not listening, and Munch is now upstairs quietly playing with his Lego, so I have made the most of coffee and computer time.

We had a trip out today, as Munch has been so well-behaved over Christmas daddy said that Munch could choose between either another controller or a game for his Xbox, so we went off to Smyths Toys, the Xbox controller was £40, we looked at the Xbox games all the one’s Munch wanted were to old for him, he started to get a bit stroppy, and then shouted at me that I was not letting him buy anything, he know’s very well that he cannot have games that are to old for him and I was not going to be shouted at, so I told him that we had to leave the shop, he begged and pleaded, with me all the way back to the car that it was an accident and he didn’t mean to talk to me like that, he was sorry, he woudn’t do it again, you know the same old thing that all parents hear a hundred times. I just said that he was not allowed to talk to me like that and to get into the car.

We made our way to Tesco’s, in the car I told him that we would look to see if they had what he wanted there, but one step out of line and that would be it, nothing, this kept him in line, and he behaved well, a bit lively and gave a few of the other shoppers a smile on there faces with his extremely loud sing about how he loved his mummy and wants to kiss and hug her!!!!

We got his Xbox controller for £25, what a difference in price, I was gad I  had not got it in Smyths, £15 is a big difference and how do the justify that amount.

We went to the cafe to have a bite to eat before coming home, tried to set up the extra controller on the Xbox, but could not do it and Munch is on the sofa watching E.T. as I type this, before looking up how to do his controller.

Well Munch lasted about 1/2 way through E.T. before getting board, he was quiet though until dinner as he was sticking his Harry Potter stickers into their album.

After dinner we had  a couple of games of Junior Monopoly and a game of Catch Me if You Can before TV, daddy came in just after so we had another game of Junior Monopoly before bed. Daddy offered to do bedtime as I have had the most dreadful cough for the last few day’s and it is making me feel awful.

I have already been upstairs once, Munch play’s daddy up something rotten when daddy does bedtime, I have just come down again after going up there and telling daddy to stop his story as he was talking all the way through it!!! Thinking, need to get daddy to do bedtime more often.