One week since being approved

About Us
We are L and R, we have been married for 22 years this year. About 12 years ago we had one IVF treatment, but when it did not work decided not to try again. R has always said about adopting, but I have always said no after a bad experience with a Social Worker (SW) when we had applied to foster many years ago.
During the later part of 2007 I had a spate of watching the Australian soap opera Neighbours, they had a family on there that had 2 adopted children, the more I watched the programme the more it put it in my head about adopting. After doing some research on the internet I knew it was something that I wanted to do. I also knew that as soon as I mentioned it to R, he would be all for it.
How We Got to Now
  • December 2007 – researched agencies
  • December 2007 – contacted several agencies either by phone or filling in online application forms.
  • December 2007 – receive invite to informal interview with Voluntary Agency (VA)
  • January 2008 – attend interview with VA
  • January 2008 – received invite to attend prep course with VA
  • January 2008 – attend to open adoption events with 2 different Local Authorities (LA)
  • January 2008 – Decide to go with VA
  • April/May 2008 – attend 4 day prep course over 3 weeks
  • June 2008 – SW visits us at home to talk about whether we want to proceed
  • July 2008 – Start home study (HS)
  • August 2008 – put in our official application to adopt
  • January 2009 – finish HS
  • July 2009 – Approval Panel

8th July 2009 – We are Official Approved

Where we are Now

We were hoping to be approved for a sibling group of 2 or 3 children aged 5+. What the panel actually recommended was 1 or 2 children aged 5+, the chairman said that this was not because they doubted our ability to cope with 3 children, but more to do with there being a lot of sibling groups of 3 out there and as they tend to be much harder to find adoptive parents for them SW can be a little short coming with the facts, then when placed will push for early adoption orders.

This is only a recommendation though, and once you are approved, you are approved to adopted.

Our SW is at present on holiday, so we are not expecting any news for a few weeks yet. We are lucky that because we have always wanted older children we already had a few SW’s showing interest in us. I will post about the most recent activity.

Boy D8, Boy M7, Girl L5 We are very interested in what we have seen so far about these 3. There SW has already got copies of our report.

Boy D8, Boy M6 These 2 boys were online at Children Who Wait (CWW), they caught our eye and we liked what we read about them so requested more information about them. We have learnt from previously enquiring about children that the SW’s tend not to even acknowledge us and just contact our SW, so the fact that we have not heard anything as yet is not worrying us.

Boy K6, Boy K4 We saw these 2 on another online site, Be My Parent (BMP). Again they caught our eye, we read about them and enquired. Have not heard anything to date.

Girl S8, Boy C6 2 days after being approved the CWW mag dropped through our door. These 2 children stood out 2 us. They are from the Borough where i was born and 1 of the things that their SW is looking for is a family that has links to the area. I still have a lot of family who live there, so we visit often. I have spoken with their Family Finder (FF). Their SW is also on holiday at the moment, but the FF has taken our SW details and will be in touch with her when she is back at work.

There have been a fair few other sibling groups that we have enquired about over the last few months, the ones that I have mentioned are the most up to date ones. I will be updating every Wednesday, so if we hear anything about them I will add them to my blog.

Hope you enjoy reading

L xx