Way Hay, A Good Day.

At 5am this morning Munch called for his daddy, 1st time he has ever called for daddy rather than me in the night, so off daddy went and ame back looking as pleased as punch that he had been called rather than me, 5 minutes later into our room came Munch saying that he was scared, so daddy took him back to bed, then came and said do you think just for tonight Munch could come in with us. I have tried sleeping with both of them and Munch is such a wriggler it does not work so I went and fetched Munch and went into the spare room.

This morning was lovely, Munch was in such a jolly mood, he got himself up came down with a cheery good morning, ate his breakfast well, we sat an talked an giggled. I then told Munch that daddy would be picking him up as I was going out with friends and said that I would have to have a nice big hug and kiss in the playground before he went into school, no way say’s he, he just does not do kisses or cuddles in the playground, I will very occasionally get a little look over his shoulder as he is going in and a sort of wave, so I said well I will just have to have it now and to my amazement over he came sat on my lap gave me a huge hug and a lovely kiss.

He dressed himself with out moaning and asking for help and we had an equally pleasant drive to school, and now I am home ordering thing’s that the Play Therapist told us to get yesterday, so I have now ordered Pinocchio on DVD, the book The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and some squeakers to squeak at Munch when he is saying something that is not real.

Once that was done I got myself ready for my afternoon out with some friends and had a lovely time having Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester.

Daddy reported that  Munch had been very good after school, they had tea, Munch went on the computer for a little while, then claimed he had nothing to do, so not really sure what he did until it was time for his 1st Karate Lesson, which again daddy reports that he really enjoyed, he listened and concentrated well throughout.

I was home before they got in, Munch was full of it and showing me all his moves he had learned, he then watched TV for a while before supper and bed, he is already counting down the day’s till his next lesson and was so full of it found it hard to get to sleep tonight, he did eventually go off though.

Pinocchio and Telling the Truth

This morning started off with Munch coming downstairs and being cross with the dog because she had knocked the Laptop on the floor, once he had picked it up and put it on to make sure it was still working he sat happily playing with his Club Penguin, computer is not normally allowed in the morning but as it was Play Therapy day and we have a later start I left him to it so I could get on.

Then the Play Therapist arrived Munch was up and on the go at 100 miles an hour, he was dragging the poor dog around by her collar, in and out as we were fetching things in, that was until he trip over her and banged his head on the car, he started to hit and kick the dog, I had to pull him away, this was in the living room with the Play Therapist so I left her to him and went in the kitchen.

I think it was then that what had happened last night and with the incident over the weekend caught up with me and I just sat at the kitchen table and cried, I did get myself together though for when they had finished.

Daddy took Munch off to school and I told the Play Therapist about the 2 incidents, Munch today had wanted all of her play equipment out of her car and she said the thing that he had picked to play with was Pinocchio, and they had done a lot of work around telling the truth and his nose growing and they had between them developed a squeaking technic for when Munch was being untruthful, so we are now on a mission to find the little squeaks that you put inside teddy bears so that when he is being untruthful we can squeak at him, she said we are no to say he is lying, but to say that is not real. She also said to make a note of these things, one so that she can see what they are and 2 for our record, I also said that I though it was a good idea to ring Munch’s SW and she said yes to do that and to tell him that we have some strategies in place.

The next thing that I spoke to her about was the comment that had been made to me at the wedding on Saturday when I was asked if Munch had been diagnosed, and before I could say anything she said, with ADHD, I said about reading about it and Munch displaying practically all of the tell-tale sign’s and she said to make an appointment with our GP and say we want referring to a pediatrician who specialises in this field. Like she said ADHD is often be masked by attachment issues. So an appointment has been booked for Friday with he GP.

We talked about getting Pinocchio on DVD, as we said we must have every other Disney DVD bar that one (we had them all way before Munch came along), and also about getting The Boy Who Cried Wolf to read to him, and some sort of children’s programme called if I remember right Jaker’s, which uses morals for the back drop of it’s stories, I will have to do a bit of research about that online.

Munch was in a good mood when I picked him up from school, I had brought him his own mouse for the computer, something we have been going to do since he arrive last year!!!! Better late than never, so after doing his reading he was pleased to use it.

It was then off to gymnastic’s, then home for tea, get ready for Beaver’s and off there, Tuesday’s are busy nights thank goodness his gymnastic’s is only for 5 weeks.

I did phone Munch’s SW but he is off sick so I phoned our SW and filled her in, I am going to email Munch’s SW as soon as I have finished this.

Munch is now tucked up in bed after another performance to cut his toe nails, why do I get so wound up over toe nails!!! Still done now for another little while.