25/12 – Our 1st Family Christmas Day.

It started at 7.05am, when I could hear Munch calling that he was scared, the landing light which is normally left on had been switched off, I went into him, put on his light and as soon as I did that he noticed the filled stocking on his bed and he picked it up and ran into out room and into my space in the bed as quick as a flash.

He started taking the stocking fillers out and was genuinely very excited and pleased with everything, even the sock’s!!! We had been expecting lots of scowls on his face and why has he got me that, and that’s rubbish, we had none, not bad going considering that it had only been in October at his Birthday when he coud not accept a gift graciously. We know it’s down to wha has happened in his past, which I will keep private, but as I have said before it drives me potty.

Then it was downstairs, the armchair had a hand full of presents on for me and daddy and also Christmas presents and birthday presents for the dog as she was 6 today. The armchair was the 1st Munch saw, and he asked if they were all for him, then he looked behind the door at the sofa which was completely full of presents, so much so that they had to be put on the floor as well. When he saw them he said, I know I saw them earlier when Santa was here, oh did you see him said  I, yes said Munch I came down here with him and we talked about the weather!! What imagination they have.

Anyway, so began the present opening, we had discussed staggering it through out the day but decided against it as we felt that it would drive him potty if he wasn’t allowed to open them and would start him off, so we just let him get on with it. He was fab, he was so excited with everything, he never once dissed a gift, and was  genuinely pleased with everything, towards the end when he opened a set of Enid Blyton Secret Seven books, he had a bit of a scowl on his face, so I said I know books are a bit boring, oh no said he I really like them, well done that boy.

After that me and daddy opened out presents, we only had token prezzies off each other as both of us has a bit of a mare getting our prezzie’s for each other and they are al coming after Christmas through no fault of our own. We felt though that we need to have something to open off each other for appearance with it being Munch’s 1st Christmas with us.

The 1st thing Munch wanted to pay with was his big 4×4 Ford Remote Control truck, opened up, battery needed charging for 8 hours so would not be ready till 6pm. So gradually through out the day he used most things, he enjoyed his Gross Majic Tricks, and every now and again came and did one for me. We set up his X Box on his TV in his bedroom so we had an hour peace whilst he played on that. We put together his Electronic Drum and Keyboard Set and were very pleased to find that it played through his headphones and we only had to listen to his singing. We were very glad we had been to Costco’s and brought a variety of batteries last week as so many of the things needed batteries.

Munch decided as it was Christmas Day he did not want to get dressed all day so we left him in his PJ’s for the day and his lovely snuggly Ugg boot slippers that his Aunty and Uncle had sent him from Australia.

The one thing that I wish we had done different was food, it wasn’t a problem, but we had decided before as it was Christmas Day we would let him have what he wants as he has become fussy of late with his food and I did not want to sit down to Christmas Dinner and be nagging. Munch played on this, not in a bad way, but used it to eat lots of sweets and biscuits, when we sat down to dinner, he ate only a few carrots and did not want the rest, and didn’t want anything else. In the end he had a Chicken Pot Noodle for tea. Next time I will treat it as a normal day food wise, usual meals, because I am sure had we not said about him having what he wanted he would have eaten some of his Christmas Dinner. You live and learn.

The rest of the afternoon passed on pleasantly, Munch and Daddy played some of his games he got, we watched some TV. When the battery was finally charged for his Truck daddy and Munch took it on the patio in the back garden for a while.

Munch then asked to go back upstairs at 8pm to play on his  X Box, by now he was getting tired and a little tetchy, he cried because he didn’t know how to get it onto the TV, so we said that he could have 1/2 then it was bedtime, he ended up having more or less an hour, then down for supper and bed.

Well what can I say, our 1st Christmas Day exceeded all our expectation’s, we all had a fantastic day and we were so proud of our son, oh yes, and one more thing, whist daddy and Munch were watching TV in the afternoon, I booked our 1st proper family holiday. We are off to the Dominican Republic in August for 2 weeks, bring it on.

Weekend with Granny

Friday morning went very considering I had not gone to bed until 2am after consuming several rather large glasses of wine, my feet still hurt from wearing ridiculously high heels for the 1st time in what must be a year now.

Munch was very excited because when I picked him up from school we were driving straight to Granny’s in Wales, after having breakfast and getting ready for school Munch got out his rucksack and filled it with toy’s and games to take.

I picked Munch up from school, we made ourselves comfy in the car and off we set. I had made us up some rolls and we had some crisps and drinks and we set off, part way there I became very tired and had to pull off the motorway for a rest, we had a loo break and I grabbed a coffee and we were on our way. The traffic was heavy through London and on some parts of the M4 so it was 9pm before we reached Granny’s house. We are lucky that Munch is so good in the car, in total from leaving school to reaching granny’s was 6 hours!!!!

When we got there Munch was very excited he was out of the car and running to find the house with the tile missing off the porch, that’s how he always knows which one is Granny’s and was in and having a big hug with granny, a proper hug, unlike before so he made granny’s day.

We had a drink and granny gave Munch his christmas cards and then we had to play a quick game of his Junior Monopoly which I had said he could do, I limited the time to 1/2 hour as it was 10pm before we started, by the time we had finished and Munch had his supper it was 10.45pm when he got into bed a hug and a kiss and Munch was away with the fairy’s.

Munch had a cough which had been developing over the previous few day’s, me and him were sharing a bedroom and during the night he called me to tell me he had a little cough.

Next day we got up and watched tv with granny for a while, we had a little outing to the shop but did not go far as, my sister-in-law and niece were coming to granny’s today as well and staying until tomorrow. Munch could not wait for them to get there, when they arrived he was very happy and him and his cousin got on with doing what children do and played all afternoon.

Later on my cousin’s wife and her daughter and friend came, all of the children played together for a while, really nicely considering the 3 girls were all a few years older than Munch. Munch was very well-behaved, he had to sit on the step a couple of times earlier, not for any major incidents but more because he can be very boulshie when in other people company and give’s it the big I am and I wanted to control it before it got over the top.

We all sat down to watch strictly Come Dancing and then the x Factor and Munch even sat nicely and watched these, once they were over it was supper and bed.

For the second morning running on Sunday we got to have a lay in until almost 9am. Munch got up and went downstairs as Granny was down there. I went down to find him sitting in font of the fire looking at presents granny had put there ready for after dinner as she was doing a Christmassy dinner as we were all together, Munch was chomping at the bit to open his but granny said no till after dinner, can I have my dinner now please said Munch at 9am. The girls eventually go up as my cousins daughter had stayed over night as well and eventually we were all dressed and ready for the day we had a lovely dinner and Munch was so excited about having prawn crackers as he insists on calling Christmas crackers, we all opened our little token presents and Munch was very pleased to get a set of Power Rangers, before all sitting round the coffee table for a lovely selection of deserts.

I nipped out to the car for some reason and by the time I got back Munch was in the kitchen with a stoney look on his face, S-I-L explained that he had just hurt one of the girls fingers and had been asked to say sorry, Munch being Munch though and very stubborn would not do so, also because I was told afterwards he had not realised at the time that he had hurt her as it was an accident, I asked him to apologise, nothing, now I now from experience the more you go on the more he digs his heals in, I told him what he needed to do and left him as I now he would have stood in the door way for a minute or to then with a frown on his face would have mumbled sorry, not ideal I now, but a big step for him, and gradually came in the room and joined us.

My cousin’s wife kept talking to him though and then went in the Kitchen to talk to him, he was getting more and more agitated by now and the glass doors were being slammed and still she talked, so I just said to her that she was fuelling him, we all needed just to get on and ignore him until he came round which he did within a few minutes then.

It’s very difficult with other people, but as parents of adopted children or any children for that matter we have to tell them our way’s.

Dinner finished and gradually people started leaving, S-I-L and niece first, followed by cousin’s wife and daughter, we eventually left at 5.50pm, granny was very happy as Munch not looing at her said just as he was getting into the car ‘love you’,made Granny’s weekend. We stopped for petrol and Munch got some sweets which made his hand sticky and he was not happy and kept screaming, even after he fell asleep every now and again he woe up screamed and shook his hands a bit then off he would go again. I stopped for a coffee and so Munch could wash his hands, from then on in he was wide awake, we had a great conversation when driving around Parliament Square about the student riots that had happened a few day’s before.

We arrived home at 10pm, Munch was out of the car and running up the drive to see daddy and the dog, supper and drink and into bed for my little man, his cough had gotten steadily worse over the weekend, so I decided to see how he was in the morning to decide whether or not to take him into school.

All in all a very good and weekend, everyone had a great time, and they all remarked on how much calmer and how he seemed much more settled now, hurrah, we must be getting somewhere.

My Poorly Boy

Morning was fine this morning, just a normal morning in our house, gosh I have waited 11 months to say that.

I went to one of our local shopping Centre’s and did all of our Christmas shopping so all we have now to do is get the rest of Munch’s bits and piece’s, we know what they are so it’s just a case of heading to Smyth’s Toystore one day very soon.

Picked Munch up from school, he brought out a couple of presents from his nurture group that he goes to on a Wednesday afternoon at school. One was a lovely Christmasy photo frame he had made himself with his photo in, aaahhhh.

We stopped off at the Post Office to pick up a parcel which had a Christmas present in for Munch it has been put under the Christmas Tree for santa’s elves to pick up tonight to take to santa for him to deliver on Christmas Eve!!

We started to build Munch’s Lego that he got yesterday, Munch started to complain of stomach ache and a headache and took himself off and just lay on the sofa wrapped up in daddy’s jumper and his snuggle fleece. He looked very flushed and felt warm to the touch. I just left him there to rest, I asked if he wanted to eat he just wanted 1/2 a slice of toast. After eating the toast he seemed to perk up a bit and wanted to play Junior Monopoly, which we did for 1/2 hour, and he ate another piece of toast, a whole piece this time. After this he just lay on the sofa again and went to bed an hour early, in our bed of course a gave him some calpol and have let him watch TV for an hour.

I shall be tuning it off very soon and shall let him fall asleep in our bed then put him back in his own bed, sod’s law isn’t it that he would be poorly today, it’s my works Christmas, come my Leaving Do tomorrow night, I hope Munch is feeling better as there is no way I will go and leave him like this fingers crossed xxx