A day That Ended In Tear’s, Munch’s and Mine.

Well after being in bed by 7pm last night Munch slept right through till 8am, not a peep did we hear all night.

Munch was in a very good mood all morning and I didn’t have to niggle at him once!!!

After school was a different matter, he was full of attitude when I picked him up, was not listening to anything and before we had even got to the car he had earned himself a time on the step.

Once in straight on the step, then we did his reading which he did well and we were going to do one of his 2 pieces of home work but ended up doing them both, so at least they are out-of-the-way until Friday.

After that I asked Munch what he was going to do, but he was very cheeky so got sent to the step again, even whilst on the step he was being cheeky, so ended up being sent to his bedroom, where I left him until dinner time.

After dinner Munch had his computer time until bath and TV time.

All went well until he was in bed for his story, just as I was about to start reading he said, “mummy I’m going to tell Miss ——- that you punched me in the face tomorrow”, well to say I was a bit shocked and very hurt and quiet upset was a understatment, we have had a lot of blaming before, but not so blatant and after yesterday, now normally I am good at showing no emotion and ignoring, but this really got to me, so I put down his book and said well if you are going to say that I have done that to you I am not going to sit here and read you a story. He then said I wont say it, ok, so I picked up the book to start reading and as soon as I did  he immediately said, that he was going to tell his teacher that I had punched him in the face, so very un theraputically, and not the right thing to do, I asked him what he thought would happen if he told his teacher that, I said she would have to tell his SW and did he think his SW would be able to leave him with a family that punched him in the face. Oh dear, what an awful thing to say to him, now I’m angry with him and myself.

I went away to cool down, Munch followed me down the stairs, I told him to go back up, he would not so I caught hold of him by he arm and pushed him up onto the stairs, next thing he is shouting you hurt me you scratched me, he had an angry scratch along his wrist, now I cannot say for sure that I did not do it, but I had only held him by the wrist, and with his history of self harming, I am not sure. Anyway I apologised and said that I was very sorry, I did not mean to scratch him, and that if we do thing’s wrong we will say sorry, big hugs and kisses, and even now as I type he is calling, so I think we are in for a very restless night.

I am glad his play therapist is coming tomorrow as what with the incident yesterday and now this, I know she will be a big help and give us some wonderful strategies to deal with this, afterwards I will phone our SW and his just to fill them in.

Oh, the joy’s of Adoptive Parenting.