2nd Week of Easter Holiday’s and Easter Weekend

The Easter Holiday’s seem to have gone by in a blur, during the 2nd week Munch was bouncing a little and we did have to keep thing’s in check a bit he was very hyper and we had a few nose bleeds which are alway’s a sign that he is out of his comfort zone.

Thing’s were still very much all over the place in the aftermath of nanny passing away, routines where still out of the window, so considering all that we did get away lightly really compared to other time’s and hopefully now we are back at school thing’s will get back onto an even keel. We do have a couple of odd week’s coming up though with Royal Wedding’s, bank holiday’s and the school being closed for election day!!!

We had a lovely if not busy Easter Weekend, on Friday we visited Kids Space, it was good as it was fairly quiet as people were enjoying the sun. On the Saturday we took a picnic to Coram Field’s in London which is a lovely area, people can only go in if they have children with them, no adults only, they have a paddling pool, animal’s, play area’s, sand pit’s, we set up camp, and Munch was able to go off and play, they have someone on the entrance so children cannot go out. We only saw Munch every now and again when he came by for food or just to say hello.

On Easter Sunday we went to visit relative’s down on the South Coast, Munch loved having the day with his big cousin and as soon as we got there reverted to talking with a babyish voice, we had a great BBQ, then we all went to an adventure play ground, Munch tried to be very controlling when there, and sulked a fair bit when not getting his own way, he was being very contrary, saying he wanted to do something and then not wanting to when someone went to help him, then when they went off to do something else wanting to do it again, but nobody was giving into him so he had to give up in the end. From there we went to the beach, Munch and his cousin were so brave and went in the sea!!!! He was very put out because the beach was pebbles and he wanted to know where the sand was.

We went back to their house and before we knew it was 9pm, se we left as we had a 2 hour drive home, Munch actually slept in the car on the way home.

On Easter Monday when  Munch came into us he said that he had been sick during the night, when I went into his room his bed was covered in vomit, I asked him why he had not called for us and he said he knew he was being sick but he was sleeping!! Poor child had slept in a bed covered in vomit. He did not want any breakfast which is very unusual for him, he went off to Smyths to spend his Easter Money with daddy. When they came back we had arranged to meet the Ozzy relatives for the afternoon so that they could see Munch again before they go home later on this week, we picked them up and went to a local bar and Restaurant that has a play area and bouncy castle for kids, we ordered lunch and Munch had his usual, Spag Bol, he only ate the bolognaise sauce, and when we got home he just lay on the sofa until bed time and even asked to got to bed!!!

Yesterday was 1st day back at school after the Easter Holiday’s, Munch got up only ate half his breakfast and was sick again, so I phoned school to say he wouldn’t be in, he spent most of the morning in bed, he ate a little at lunch time, but again just lay on the sofa, about tea time he suddenly got up went to the fridge and got him self a bit of Easter Egg, and from there on in he was back to his normal self.

So in all besides our very sad news about MIL passing away, Easter although hectic has been good, we could have had much worse and are very proud of how our little boy has handled thing’s, me and hubby often look back to how thing’s were this time last year and cannot believe the progress that Munch has made, we in ourselves have chilled and have learnt so much over the last 15 months.

The one thing we are very sure about is that we love our little Munch with all our hearts and cannot imagine life with out him, and cannot wait to get our court dates.

Bank Holiday Tuesday

Munch came into us at 8.30 to ask if he could put his Xbox on, we then went down at 9am. this morning has been good, we had one visit to the step for not listening, and Munch is now upstairs quietly playing with his Lego, so I have made the most of coffee and computer time.

We had a trip out today, as Munch has been so well-behaved over Christmas daddy said that Munch could choose between either another controller or a game for his Xbox, so we went off to Smyths Toys, the Xbox controller was £40, we looked at the Xbox games all the one’s Munch wanted were to old for him, he started to get a bit stroppy, and then shouted at me that I was not letting him buy anything, he know’s very well that he cannot have games that are to old for him and I was not going to be shouted at, so I told him that we had to leave the shop, he begged and pleaded, with me all the way back to the car that it was an accident and he didn’t mean to talk to me like that, he was sorry, he woudn’t do it again, you know the same old thing that all parents hear a hundred times. I just said that he was not allowed to talk to me like that and to get into the car.

We made our way to Tesco’s, in the car I told him that we would look to see if they had what he wanted there, but one step out of line and that would be it, nothing, this kept him in line, and he behaved well, a bit lively and gave a few of the other shoppers a smile on there faces with his extremely loud sing about how he loved his mummy and wants to kiss and hug her!!!!

We got his Xbox controller for £25, what a difference in price, I was gad I  had not got it in Smyths, £15 is a big difference and how do the justify that amount.

We went to the cafe to have a bite to eat before coming home, tried to set up the extra controller on the Xbox, but could not do it and Munch is on the sofa watching E.T. as I type this, before looking up how to do his controller.

Well Munch lasted about 1/2 way through E.T. before getting board, he was quiet though until dinner as he was sticking his Harry Potter stickers into their album.

After dinner we had  a couple of games of Junior Monopoly and a game of Catch Me if You Can before TV, daddy came in just after so we had another game of Junior Monopoly before bed. Daddy offered to do bedtime as I have had the most dreadful cough for the last few day’s and it is making me feel awful.

I have already been upstairs once, Munch play’s daddy up something rotten when daddy does bedtime, I have just come down again after going up there and telling daddy to stop his story as he was talking all the way through it!!! Thinking, need to get daddy to do bedtime more often.

Spending Money and Mummy Loses the Plot.

Munch came into our room at 8.40 this morning as some how his clock has gone walk abouts and he didn’t know what time it was. He got into bed withe us and watched the TV for 20 minutes and we all got up at 9am.

Munch watched the tv and had a bit of computer time before helping daddy sweep down the car of snow, we decided to brave the weather as we had no new snow since yesterday afternoon and take Munch and his £50 to Smyths Toystore and then go for breakfast.

We got to Smyths just as it opened, Munch spent all of his money he bought a Pirate Ship, a Cub Penguin Igloo with a dance floor in it and a dancing penguin, and a large Lego Square.

We called in our local cafe for breakfast, me and daddy had heart attack breakfasts and Munch had beans on toast, it was yummy, we almost always went out for breakfast on a Sunday before Munch came along and it is nice to do it with him as well.

We got home and opened all of Munch’s goodies and assembled them, he spent ages playing with his Pirate Ship, before we ran daddy to the train station as he was going out for a Christmas drink with friends.

Once home the promised call to big cousin was made but she was out and her mum said she would phone when she got in, in about 1/2 hour, Munch played on the computer until she phoned and they then played on Club Penguin together.

When they had finished Munch then played with his Lego building shop’s and cafes on his new big square, before taking his big Pirate Ship up to the bath, we did try to see if it would float but it wouldn’t so it was placed on the toilet seat next to the bath so it could be played with.

TV and supper afterwards then up to brush teeth, Munch is driving me insane with his not brushing his teeth properly, he hardly ouch’s them makes a big fuse about having to spit all the time so actually spends more time spitting, I have tried everything, consequences, nasty teeth stories, doing them myself, but he bits down on the brush, and I feel like as you cannot brush them nicely when doing them myself that it actually feels like I am becoming abusive if you see what I mean as you end up having to man handle him a bit. Tonight I have to say I just lost the plot and yelled and shouted, took the toothbrush from him and threw it in the sink, told him to get into bed as he had made me really angry over not brushing his teeth, told him I was going to leave a note under the Christmas Tree for the Elves to give Santa to say that he cannot brush his teeth properly, I even yelled up the stairs when I got down “and your breath stink”, oh my goodness how childish, and how awful did I feel.

Munch then called down that he wanted to brush them properly, so I went back up, I sat in front of him and got him to copy me, and he brushed them beautifully, so big fuss was made of how good his teeth looked, and how lovely his breath smelled!!! Big hugs and kisses and one little boy tucked up in bed.

16/12 – Christmas Concert

Before I start this blog, I have forgotten to post about the fact that Munch’s SW phoned on Tuesday with the good news that his LA have agreed to a further 10 sessions of Play Therapy, we are very pleased and hope now that it will resume again after Christmas.

Munch got up ok this morning and all went well, as has become the norm over the last couple of weeks he didn’t want to go to school, but was absolutely fine once we got there.

I came home and got daddy up as it was the day of Munch’s Christmas Concert, we were so excited our very 1st Christmas Concert, we got to school in plenty of time and I made sure we had front row seats and the camera at the ready. The theme was about how children celebrate Christmas in different countries and Munch was in the USA group, he had to take in party cloths, the trousers he took needed a belt as the popper keeps coming undone, he had taken the belt of the trousers and spent the whole time redoing them up, or sitting with his head on his hand, every time he looked at us he had a great big grin on his face but tried to no look as if he was bother. Then it was his turn to do their USA bit, he was fab, and to me he was the best singer, the best dancer and the best talker, and I managed not to cry!!!!!!!

Me and daddy then went off to finish getting Munch’s Christmas presents, it was so exciting to be walking around Smyths Toystore filling up our trolley for our son.

Daddy picked Munch up from school today and bought him an ice-cream for being so good in his Christmas concert, I had dinner ready for them practically as soon as they walked in needless to say Munch did not eat much of his. I had booked an appointment for Munch to see the doctor as his cough has persisted for well over a week now, he wanted daddy to take him and I think that daddy was pleased as normally it’s always me Munch wants, so daddy took him and they were back quite quickly.

Munch went to use the computer which is a Laptop, I had put it on the floor earlier on in the day, he started screaming and kicking the stairs, he was in a right state and we did not know what had happened, needless to say he was reprimanded about his reaction, and told here was no need for it, kicking things was not allowed – step.

Time done and he had a little while on the computer, before TV time and another early night as the cough is still causing him a lot of interepted sleep. He had 1 more session on the step as he has this horrible habit of, it hard to describe in words, but he p’s, almost like spitting without spitting, at us and the dog all the time, it’s like as if he thinks he’s getting away with spitting at us by doing this, he has been warned about it on many occasions, so I sat him on he step for 7 minutes, and next time he does it he will get another 7 minutes, he will soon learn.

Ouch, That Hurt.

This morning was a much better start to the day than yesterday, Munch came knocking on the door again asking when were we getting up, this needs to be nipped in the bud, so he will be being informed that there will be no TV on school mornings when he does it, I know his answer will be that it doesn’t matter, but a couple of mornings of having to sit at the kitchen table will soon have the desired effect.

Although Munch was lively this morning, the mood that he was in yesterday had definitely lifted thank goodness, as it used to be that type of mood that we knew would escalate into a full-blown, full on meltdown, it could go on for a few day’s before he would blow, so we must be doing something right to have averted it.

We had to defrost the car this morning for the 1st time this year, and having changed my car a couple of months ago to make it more affordable for me not to return to work, I have to say I really missed my heated windscreen that I had on my last few cars, still beggers can’t be choser’s!!!! We got to school early today, Munch lined up and one of the little girls in his class came and stood next to him and held his hand, he had the biggest smile, and so did I after feeling so sad yesterday morning about him never having a partner to walk in with.

We have Munch’s main Christmas prezzie off Santa but apart from a few bits and piece’s had not got a clue what to get him, so me and hubby took ourselves off to Smyths Toy’s Superstore as Munch always refers to it this afternoon, we now have a long list of things to go and get next week.

From there we went to pick up Munch from school, he came out armed with his school photo’s, and even if a say so myself, what a very handsome son I have, off to the car where as both me and daddy were there Munch had to sit in the back. here was a helium balloon in the back from Sunday, on the drive home he kept pushing the balloon into the front of the car making it difficult to see, he was asked to keep it in the back, again he did it, was told again to keep it in the back and if he did not we would stop and get out and walk, well Munch being Munch just had to push it that bit further and push it into the front again, so car was stopped he was taken out of the car kicking and screaming, hubby walked him home whilst I took the car, the last I saw of them was Munch biting daddy’s arm, then shouting help me help me. 7 minutes after I was home I could hear them coming down the road, Munch was still shouting, still hitting, he was sent straight up to his room.

After 10 minutes I called him down so that we could go to the stay and play session at he children’s centre, we were the only ones there so Munch had a great time playing Connect 4, then football and building a very tall tower with the worker there before we went home.

Things were going swimmingly until it was time for tea, as daddy was off again tonight we had decided to take the opportunity to have a chinese after Munch was in bed. I sat at the table whilst Munch was having his dinner, he did no have a civil word to say, he was talking aggressively, kept making very babyish crying noises and was generally being rude, he had a warning and when he did not stop was told  to go and sit on the step, he refused and said he wanted to eat his tea, I was having none of it and was firm and told him step, he then flew at me punching really hard, I told him to go upstairs as I would not be hit, he protested a little, but i think that he realised that he had well overstepped the mark so went up, I called him down after his 7 minutes and he finished his dinner.

I went on the computer for a short while then went to do his bath, all hell broke out when I was upstairs, so I had to come down and sort both of them out, all over 2 sweets!!!

Munch had his bath, daddy did his hair and dried and got him ready for bed, then Munch ran from his room into the spare room and as he did he caught his foot on the meal bit of the Hoover and cut his foot, he was crying and he his foot was bleeding a fair bit, he actually let me hold onto his foot tightly with a towel round it to stop the bleeding, daddy sat next to him and held him, afterwards he took comfort from both of us, daddy carried him downstairs, and I was able to cuddle him on the sofa, such a difference from him not letting us anywhere near him when he has hurt himself before.

Rest of evening went by without a hitch and one happy and content boy is asleep in his bed right now.