Nanny Visited Today

Well I managed to have a lay in today until 9.45, Munch was so busy playing his Xbox in his bedroom, he came in a couple of times to say that he had moved up a level and went back and carried on, and as it was Bank Holiday Monday I made the most of it.

When we came downstairs we had breakfast, Munch played with some of his new toys for a while, then been as Nanny was coming to visit this afternoon and I needed to get on I asked him to go and do his hour upstairs, off he went, after a while he came down and got his Spy Kids film’s and we helped him set it up on his Xbox even though his TV has a DVD player on it, Munch was as pleased as punch and watched all of the film before coming down, so I had a nice 2 hours to get on with some much-needed housework.

Just before Nanny came I asked Munch to remember to say thank-you for his huge Remote Control Truck and the money that she had given him for Christmas, he asked if I would say it for him, “tell her I asked you to say thank-you for me” he said. As soon as she came in he said it himself though, which I was very pleased with him for. Munch can be very shy on time’s, and then on other’s over familiar when he doesn’t know people, something else we have been working on.

Munch was an absolute star whilst Nanny was here, we had lunch, he was kind and polite to her, he showed her things that he had got for Christmas and went and watched The Incredibles so that Nanny coud have a break, Munch is her 1st grandchild at 91 years of age that is not bad going!!!

When the film had finished Munch wanted to play 1 of his games with Nanny and could not quite understand why Nanny would not be able to play, in the end he sat with me and daddy on the sofa, and we just sat and were very silly, tickling, smelling smelly feet, just having fun, and he laughed and laughed.

After that we had tea, which because of the time was tea and supper for Munch, he gave Nanny a nice hug before going to bed.

When we got upstairs Munch said that he had laughed a lot today and that we should call him laugh-a-lot. Into bed and I read him his Spiderman Book that his other Granny had got him for Christmas, which was about him having won a competition to New York to take photo’s of Spiderman, it included his name and his cousin’s name and also where we lived. His face was a picture, he though Granny had written the story herself just for him, and said look at the pictures isn’t Granny a good drawer, bless.

Well I don’t want to jinks us by saying this, but Christmas has surpassed all our expectation’s, we were expecting Munch to struggle, badly, we thought that we would have a few meltdown  and we have had none, there was the one tiny little incident last night before bed, I can live with that, oh how I love that boy of mine.