9/12 – Work Christmas Do!!

This morning started well and everything was going smoothly until just before we had to leave, Munch had found a piece of Christmas wrapping paper in the living room this morning from when I had been wrapping presents the previous night he took it up in his bedroom to wrap a present for me very sweet, a bit of the present was my phone, we needed to leave and I asked Munch several times to come down, and he just kept saying he needed to finish wrapping my present, I told him he could finish it when he came home and to come down, he eventually came down got on his coat, all with lots of attitude, I asked him to go and fetch my phone, he went upstairs and there was lots of noisy crocodile crying, screaming that he could not find it, I knew very well that he knew where it was, so up I went and looked under the piece of wrapping paper, not there, I asked him where it was, by now I could see one of his meltdowns coming, he still said that he did not know where it was, and in the way he was creating and the noises he was making, it was into self preservation mode. I spotted my phone under some of his things and picked it up, and that was the action that sent him over the top, he lashed out with his fists he was swearing, I just stay very calm and told him it was not allowed in a very firm voice trying not to shout, I stuck to the 7 minutes on the step and moved him in that direction whilst trying to keep out of arms reach, he did go to the step though whilst still screaming and shouting and using very fowl language by now daddy who had only come in from work a few hours ago came out and started, now I know he was tired and wanted to sleep, but Munch was going to the step and would have calmed, but daddy yelling and shouting that he was not going to take this sort of behaviour did not help it just started Munch on one of his manic laughing session’s with a few F words thrown in. Daddy was told to go to bed in no uncertain term’s, mummy and dog went into the Living room and closed the door and by the end of the 7 minutes Munch was calm. What a contrast from just a few months ago when we were having meltdown’s like this on a daily basis that were lasting for hours on end that was all of 10 minutes and when he was calm again there was none of the aftermath that would drag on and on.

We left for school, we were about 5 minutes late so not so bad, head teacher was seeing in the late children so filled her in and asked her to pass it on to his class teacher just in case there was any repercussion’s.

It was only when I came home and assessed what had happened that morning that I realised what it was all about. I was my works Christmas Do that night and as it was in London I was having to leave fairly early. We always use the web-based Sitters for babysitters and have been very luck to get the same sitter each time, this time though because it was a week night she was unable to do it so we were having a different sitter and I had spoken to Munch about it the night before and I am sure this is what had subconsciously triggered that mornings incident.

It was the Christmas Bazar after school se we went along to that and did all the usual activities there before returning home Munch was very good and amused himself whilst I was getting ready I had brough a microwave ready meal for his tea, figured a one-off would not hurt. Munch wanted me to get him ready for bed before the sitter came and he also wanted to do snuggle time.

Once the sitter turned up Munch was fine and when I was frog marched out of the house by him!!!! I left them playing on the floor with Lego.

I had a great night and it seemed strange me being the one leaving before the end as my 2 very good friends who I work with have always been the ones leaving early as they have to get the children up the next day now their children are much older and either at work or old enough to get themselves up for school. I had not seen a lot of my work colleagues since before I went on Adoption Leave, so had lots of questions and well wishes and I seemed to repeat the same thing’s over and over again to different people.

At home sitter said Munch had been very well-behaved, she said that he had said that he felt sick at one point and would she phone me, but she they would leave it a while to see how he felt later, and he never mentioned it again.