Back to School Routine, Munch did Not Cope Well.

This morning started off well enough, Munch got up in a good mood, he tried to say that he was feeling sick, but mummy knew better, especially as he ate all his breakfast.  Munch was happily writing at the table and got ready for school no problem at all.

After school was a different matter though, whether it was the fact that we have had a very odd few weeks and then going back into the routine of school I don’t know but when we got in we started his reading, he was very unco-operative, he was missing words,  reading in gibberish, pretending not to know words that I know he know’s very well. So I just shut his book and said that if that was the mood he was in there was no point in carrying on and I would just write in his book just that, start of the pleading, ‘no mummy, I will read’, so second chance given, no change, so I stopped. Munch now started pushing and getting aggressive so it was – Step, he was pushing and trying to bite me so I just took him to the step and tried to put me and the dog into the living room out off his way, he dived into he living room and when I told him to go back to the step, he said no, I just manoeuvred him to the step and said his 7 minutes would start when he was on the step. I had to stand with my back to the door, he eventually got the message and went and sat on the step and did his time.

After his time up, he did wanted to read and did finnish his reading, if not as well as I know he can, as well as could be expected given his mood. I do write how he has read in the book though, and did say to start he had been uncooperative.

His mood continued he was being very contrary, wanting, then not wanting, jus being very whinny and trying to control situations all evening, I had ordered new ice boots for him as his one I had bought were to big and wanted him to try them on, he put on a big show of not being able to get them on, whilst making no effort, I was not being drawn in, so just said to leave it for now, and as we were putting them down, he accused me of strangling him, in a very aggressive tone, so he know’s this is wrong and was sent to the step, he immediately tried to change not what he had said but how he had ment it, but blaming people for things means the step, so step it was.

After his second sit on the step Munch seemed to have calmed a little, he tried on his ice boots, and then went to watch TV, which he did quietly until dinner. A dinner we had an incident where he knocked some of his food on to the table, you would have thought he had lost the lot by the way he carried on, he wailed, he wasn’t eating anymore, stropped away from the table, a complete over reaction, I just talked very calmly and we put the food back onto his plate,took off his cloths as they had gravy on and we managed to finish dinner in a civilized way!!

Munch went back to watching TV whilst I got his karate gear ready, I spoke to him whilst he was watching Tv, and again he shouted aggressively that he was watching TV, so he got sent to the step again as he is not allowed to talk to people like that, and just writing this down has made me remember, that the one thing our play therapist had us doing when things were bad and it worked quickly was  – your being rude with your voice – that’s not allowed – STEP, and your being something with your body – that’s not allowed – STEP. Can’t remember the wording we used so will have to get out my note-book and look it up and go back to it as it worked a treat before, and we have found that it is better to get on top of this behaviour then let it take hold and get out of hand which it can quite quickly.

After that karate went well, home and his usual TV before bed, story and he asked for snuggle time and cream time tonight, so 5 minutes before lights out we did snuggle time which consisted of doing This Little Piggy, and Round and Round the Garden so a bit of regression needed tonight, then a lovely massage with his special cream, so nice and tactile.

One thing that I have not mentioned for a while is that we still have the constant calling down each night for a good 1-2 hours, tonight it was only for 1/2 hour, so maybe the nice relaxing massage helped just before light out, so will try this again.

2 Not to Bad Day’s

Thursday after school Munch’s Express It! group started back up, they are running it differently now, it’s going to be a 6 week programme rather than just a group run every week,I am hoping it will be a bit more focused, as I have felt before that it was not really helping in any way apart from I was good for us to go along and have contact with others, so we will see. Whilst there I was asked by the manager if I would be willing to join the parent’s forum that they are starting so I agreed to that.

During the group, because wev’e had a break for a month Munch was ‘performing’ very well for his audience, he was uncooperative, was not taking part, laying down in the middle of the group circle, being very loud and talking over people. Half way through I took him aside and laid down the law that this behavior was not allowed, if he carried on we would go straight home and onto the step, he did calm down a little after that but we will have to see what next week bring’s.

Friday was a relatively good day too. After school we went shopping for new shoe’s for Munch, he has such a strong sence of what he like’s I knew it was going to be a difficult job. We eventually agreed on a pair, normally I would within reason let him pick his own, but these were to wear to the Wedding we were going to the next day so I was a bit more choosy  than I normally would have been.

The shoe’s were from Next and whilst we were in there Munch spotted a Trilby Hat, he tried the hat on and really wanted it, and he did look very cool, I agreed to him having the hat if he used his pocket-money towards it and also said that because of the extra money I would have towards it that we would not be able to go to Hobby Craft to get the paper cutter’s he wanted. He still wanted the hat, when we were paying for it he asked the lady at the counter to take the tags off, which she did, as soon as she did it he gave her the hat and said that he didn’t want it any more,I told him it was too late , the lady has taken the tag of now like you asked her to, he created and he cried was begging the assistant to take it back, I just told her to ignore him, paid for our bit and left the shop with a wailing child, and just made it clear to him that all that creating was not going to help, that you cannot just expect people to take things back and that in future he needed to think carefully before making decisions.

With a bit of jollying along an a lot of you looked great, really cool in that hat,he then proudly wore it back to he car.

At home he asked to watch the Karate Kid again before bed.