Summer holidays and Update


I can’t believe I have not added to this blog since Easter a sure sign that things have been ticking along nicely.

Munch has been in a good place, we still have the usual attachment issues but we seem to be dealing with them better so things don’t get so irate.

We had an appointment with the psychiatrist at CAMHS at the beginning of July, after speaking with both me and Munch she said that Munch has got definite ADHD traits as well as Attachment
difficulties, she gave us a list of medications to research and a couple of questions to ask our GP re Munch’s health and the BF health!!! We have just received our follow up appointment for mid November.

We had a brilliant summer holiday, me and Munch spent a lot of time away from home, we had a week at Butlin’s with Granny and big cousin, he loves it there so a good time was had by all. We then had a week at home before going on one of Charlie’s Future Adoption Camps, as usual this was fab, great to meet up with old and new friends and to feel normal as nobody bats an eyelid at any of the children’s behaviours.

From there we went to Grampy’s for a couple of nights on our way to another camping holiday, Munch was still much the same with Grampy as usual but you could see that he was trying hard to modify how he behaves towards him.

Then we camped for a week, just me and him, we had a lovely week. We went out during the day then in the night back at the camp site munch would be away playing with the other children every now and again he would come back to the tent just to check I was there and off he would go again, later on he would come back to the tent just get himself into bed read or play a game on the phone and before I knew it he would be off to sleep, most mornings I would be up before him which never happens at home, it was just a lovely care free week.

Whilst there we did visit Munch’s FC’s, the night before he became very insecure, needed lots of reassurance, then became extremely babyish in his behaviour. All the way there I had to talk to him through his teddy, this is the 3rd time we have met up with his FC’s, but the other times had always been on neutral territory, this was the 1st time we actually won’t to their house. Once there though Munch was fine and w had a lovely day with them.

The weekend before school started we all went camping, the 1st day Munch struggled, I think this was because daddy was there, it was the run up to school etc. After that though the weekend want by with out incident, we all had a great time, even the dog.

We only had one day left before school when we got back, we had the usual nose bleeds that day and night, but as it was only for a day and night we felt that was great improvement as they normally start a good few days before.

We have v good return to school, Munch was pleased, with the teacher he has, she is very strict but he seems to thrive on tis, you could visible see him relaxing when he was talking about her and 2 weeks in we have had no being called to one side.

So overall we had a great 6 weeks holiday with some fabulous memories made for us all.

On our 2nd adoption front things are at a bit of a stand still at the moment, we finally finished our HS, we were due to go to panel in July, which then got put back to August. Then Munch’s placing LA arranged some Therapy for him at the request of our local CAMHS, SW from Munch’s LA spoke to our assessing SW who though that we needed to see what the outcome of us meeting with the therapist was before we went before AP.

We have now seen the therapist who does not see any need to se Munch, has given us the go ahead for no.2, and ha said that we can use the other 2 sessions to talk about strategies to help Munch when a new child is placed.

So know we are just waiting for our PAR to be updated with his information and a new panel date.