Spending Money and Mummy Loses the Plot.

Munch came into our room at 8.40 this morning as some how his clock has gone walk abouts and he didn’t know what time it was. He got into bed withe us and watched the TV for 20 minutes and we all got up at 9am.

Munch watched the tv and had a bit of computer time before helping daddy sweep down the car of snow, we decided to brave the weather as we had no new snow since yesterday afternoon and take Munch and his £50 to Smyths Toystore and then go for breakfast.

We got to Smyths just as it opened, Munch spent all of his money he bought a Pirate Ship, a Cub Penguin Igloo with a dance floor in it and a dancing penguin, and a large Lego Square.

We called in our local cafe for breakfast, me and daddy had heart attack breakfasts and Munch had beans on toast, it was yummy, we almost always went out for breakfast on a Sunday before Munch came along and it is nice to do it with him as well.

We got home and opened all of Munch’s goodies and assembled them, he spent ages playing with his Pirate Ship, before we ran daddy to the train station as he was going out for a Christmas drink with friends.

Once home the promised call to big cousin was made but she was out and her mum said she would phone when she got in, in about 1/2 hour, Munch played on the computer until she phoned and they then played on Club Penguin together.

When they had finished Munch then played with his Lego building shop’s and cafes on his new big square, before taking his big Pirate Ship up to the bath, we did try to see if it would float but it wouldn’t so it was placed on the toilet seat next to the bath so it could be played with.

TV and supper afterwards then up to brush teeth, Munch is driving me insane with his not brushing his teeth properly, he hardly ouch’s them makes a big fuse about having to spit all the time so actually spends more time spitting, I have tried everything, consequences, nasty teeth stories, doing them myself, but he bits down on the brush, and I feel like as you cannot brush them nicely when doing them myself that it actually feels like I am becoming abusive if you see what I mean as you end up having to man handle him a bit. Tonight I have to say I just lost the plot and yelled and shouted, took the toothbrush from him and threw it in the sink, told him to get into bed as he had made me really angry over not brushing his teeth, told him I was going to leave a note under the Christmas Tree for the Elves to give Santa to say that he cannot brush his teeth properly, I even yelled up the stairs when I got down “and your breath stink”, oh my goodness how childish, and how awful did I feel.

Munch then called down that he wanted to brush them properly, so I went back up, I sat in front of him and got him to copy me, and he brushed them beautifully, so big fuss was made of how good his teeth looked, and how lovely his breath smelled!!! Big hugs and kisses and one little boy tucked up in bed.

27/11 – Karate Kid.

Today daddy decided to do a day shift at work, very rare as he hates getting up in the morning’s, Munch was awake so daddy said he could come into bed with me, he lasted for 10 minutes then decided he was going to have a cup of tea with daddy so downstairs’ he went, about 15 minutes later back he came with daddy carrying his cup of tea and back into bed he got with his cup of tea!!!

Munch put on his cartoon network and happily watched TV until 9.30, so I had a nice lay in. We came downstairs and had breakfast, Munch had his hour on the computer then sat very happily playing with his Lego, it’s almost mid-day and we are both sitting here in out PJ’s, so we are going to go and get dressed now so we can go and do a bit of shopping in Tesco’s.

Right shopping done, had lunch at the cafe in Tesco’s, Munch bought himself a little Spongebob Squarepants keyring out of his own money and we are now back home. Munch has phoned his big cousin and played on Club Penguin for 20 minutes, we have both spent 1/2 hour on the Wii doing Just Dance, boy do I think my arms are going to ache tomorrow and now against my better judgement Munch is on the sofa watching the new Karate Kid film, I say against my better judgement because we have has to take away his Disney Mulan film before because he has been very hyped up after watching it and is in everyone’s face’s doing his karate move’s, it not him doing he karate moves that is the problem, it is the fact that he is very much in everyone’s space and to close for comfort. He has been warned that should he do this after watching this film, it will be taken away and he will not be able to watch anything like it again.

Well film is over, we are having lots of karate move’s, but we are very much controlling it, he has given us a display of his karate move’s, fallen and banged his head on the TV speaker, picked himself up and carried on. Did some Wii Just Dance for daddy to see, they are now having some timed ‘karate fights’ they have 2 minutes left then Munch is having some calm down time.

Munch went on his Club Penguin until our Saturday take away arrived, we had pizza today, I would like to say it was yummy, but it wasn’t, so I won’t. Afterwards I started to get ready as me and daddy were having a night out tonight, Munch decided he was going to be a pain in the backside, he was up and down the stairs messing with thing’s he should not be, so I told him to go and put his PJ’s on so that if he carried on he could go straight to bed, that cured him and he went downstairs.

Merlin came on so he settled down to watch that and had his supper whilst watching, babysitter arrived, munch promptly threw up, combination of eating quickly and swigging down his drink to quick, puk cleaned up and me and daddy were off.

A few Bacardi’s consumed a good band listened and it was home and bed ready to start a new day.

These Last 3 Days.

Last 3 day have been pretty uneventful, school all day Tuesday, no play therapist as she had to attend court, Munch went to Beaver’s and was pleased to be 1 of the 4 Beaver’s to be picked to attend the District Connect 4 competition on Saturday out of his group.

Wednesday he had his film club after school, as it was granny’s last night she did bath and story.

Today we had a bit of attitude in the morning which resulted in time-out, granny went home. We attended the Express It! group and as usual Munch was very uncooperative and did not listen and generally missed behaved more so than usual, so on coming home was sent upstairs until dinner. Dinner was a bit of a disaster as new recipe and it was not nice. Munch watched TV for a while after dinner until his cousin called and they played on club penguin until bedtime, Munch got himself ready for bed, we had some of his juice bottle and a cuddle on mummy’s bed story and nite nite followed.

Big Cousin

Well Munch had been looking forward to this day for a while, his big cousin and Aunty were visiting for the day, he spent all morning asking ‘how many minutes till they get here’. They arrived at 1.30pm after a terrible journey, Munch immediately collared big cousin to go on the computer and play club penguin.

After an hour, Munch, big cousin and daddy all went off to the local children’s Kids Space whilst mummy, Aunty and Granny all got to go shopping and have a nice meal at a very nice shopping mall.

Daddy said afterwards that on the whole Munch had been well-behaved, he had to be spoken to about calming down and not getting over excited and hitting people. It was the first time that he had been tall enough to go on the over head walking challenge and the 1st time he bottled out part way round, but Munch being Munch went back again and conquered it, and went on another 2 times after that and went round very confidently. They then went to Macdonald’s for tea.

Back at home more computer, then Munch and big cousin played with his club penguin ice hockey game for a good 1 1/2 hours, with no tantrums when big cousin won points, a big break through. They played in his bedroom for a while until it was time for big cousin to go home.

Another late night, but a good day.