SW’s Visit – 17/11

We had a good morning today, I had told Munch the previous evening that his SW was visiting today as it ment that he was unable to stay to film club after school. We had stopped telling him before his SW visited and we normally only tell him now when we pick him up from school when his SW is already here as the first couple of times he visited Munch was awake all night before with pains in his legs. Munch had slept all night so that was good.

We were not only having a visit from Munch’s SW but our SW was coming to as we have our 4th review next week, our SW was coming a bit before so that we could discuss anything we needed to before Munch’s SW arrived. In the mean time we received a phone call from Munch’s school to say that he had really bad nose bleed and what should they do!!!! I explained to them that his was one of Munch’s big trick’s when he is stress about anything, when he was 1st here we used to get up to his bedroom wall looking like a massacure had taken part in his bedroom, he would plaster his walls by his bed in blood, I was a bit annoyed, the fact that we had no leg pains last night, it was his way of showing his stress, person who I was talking to went and spoke to person dealing with Munch and came back and said, no he had not made I bleed himself, to which I said that he is very clever in how he does it,  I have seen him make it pour in front of me on more han one occasions when he has not been able to deal with a situation. They asked me what I wanted to do, he is at school with you what do you want me to do!!!!! Person said that they would speak to the head teacher and phone back, by now Munch’s SW had phoned early to say that he was at the station, so off when daddy to pick him up, our SW then turned up, so not much time to talk to her about anything before the other one turned up, and then the head teacher phoned to say that Munch was looking very pale  so it would be best if we picked him up, this I was not pleased with as giving Munch’s track record I have visions of a nose bleed every time something is happening he is not keen on at school. I told her that I was just waiting for the SW to turn up and we would be there when we could. We took the opportunity to have 10 minutes all together when daddy and SW got back then daddy went and fetched Munch.

Before fetching Munch we managed to talk about his SW applying for more funding for he play therapy and us having our papers ready so that everyone in agreement we can put our papers in to court he very next day, yipee!!!!

Munch and daddy turned up, Munch looked far from pale and put on a great show with his pool table, wanted to wash his nose asap, which they had not been willing to do a school. One very happy to be home child, able to listen to everything that was being said. The good thing that came out of it was that, Munch having been seen by his SW,  off when said SW nice and early, he had booked into a hotel for the night as he always does, so was having a nice early finish.

Sw’s gone, Munch wanted to play with his Lego with daddy, he was very obviously on a Knife edge though after the visit and some of our biggest meltdowns have been post SW visits, he was in one of his contrary moods, and it was obvious that it did not mater what anybody did it was going to be wrong, in the end I just said you are being very rude all the time, it is not allowed, step. He was not happy, banged on the door, made lots of noise for he 1st couple of minutes then just sat on the step. This seemed to regulate him though and he and daddy had a great time with the Lego up until dinner.

After his bath Munch was allowed to have his supper and drink in the living room whilst watching TV for a one-off. Upstairs straight after for story, but Munch, kept interupting and messing around so story book got put away, we then did snuggle time, but when time was up he would not move hen was very hyper and I had to leave the room with hug or kiss, just I good night, I waited for it and a few minutes later got he call fo a hug and a kiss, which I went up and we had. Quiet at last.

So Poorly

Well it has been almost a week since I last updated. We have has a strange week.

Saturday was a good day we all went out and Munch spent the remainder of his birthday money. We went home, in the evening we had a babysitter booked, this was the 3rd time we had been out and it was not a family member babysitting, the 2 previous times we had put Munch to bed as soon as the babysitter arrived, this time we allowed him to stay up to watch he end of his programme on TV, we made sure he was ready and had his supper, before she arrived so all he had to do was take himself up to bed when it finished which she said tha he did well. And we had a good night out.

Sunday daddy was going to work, but Munch asked daddy not to go, the beauties of being self-employed ment daddy was able to take the day off. We all decided to go swimming so off we went to our local pool. Munch was a bit hyper in his behaviour today, I have taken him swimming several times before, but it was daddies 1st time, daddy was really pleased because it was him that Munch wanted in the pool all the time, and I have to say I was freezing so very happy with that. We eventually got out had a bi to eat and came home.Munch watched a film all afternoon until dinner, then had a nice long bath and supper before bed, in the mean time I became really poorly all within he space of 1/2 hour, to the point I could not even read his story. Daddy went to but Munch messed around a lot and missed out on it.

Monday I tried to get up to take Munch to school but just could not., so daddy had to get him ready for school. Munch kept coming into me though and giving me hugs and kisses, something he does not do easily. After school, Munch had a straight to 3 time out for just biting daddy, he then spent most of he evening upstairs with me watching TV.

Yesterday, stared well. We picked Munch up for his play therapy at lunch time, his PT stayed afterwards to talk to us and his SW. We have now to decide if we feel we need more funding for her to carry on for a little longer. After she left we spoke to SW and everyone I think is in agreement that we should put our court papers in at the next review. The one thing his SW did say which I felt was nice as he did not have to was that he often feels guilty as he feels like he did not give us a full picture on Munch, he had been doing very well and I don’t think anyone for sore the problems we have had to face, but like we all said adoption is so different to FC and we do not feel like they withheld anything from us. He also said that he was extremely pleased and reassured by the commitment we have shown to Munch, wha else ae we going to do he is our son!!

Today has been a good day,good morning and super little boy his evening, I am feeling a little better than I was so it’s off the bed for me now.

Meeting Play Therapist

Today Munch went to school with no incidents.
Today we had his SW and our SW visiting, we had not told Munch yet as he tends to get worked up about his SW visiting. I had decided to tell him when I picked him up from school.
Our SW came 1st and we had a chat about how things were going, then his SW arrived and sprang it on us that the play therapist who is going to be working with Munch was also coming. We had a chat about how things were going and recent developments, and showed both SW’s the recent contact letter we had recieved fro birth granny. We have dicided to put any letters we recieve away until we feel Munch is ready.
I went and picked Munch up and our SW left before he got home,  Munch was reasonably well behaved infront of his SW but did his usual acting up when people are around, nothing to bad though.
Daddy too munch out before the play therapist arrived, she was really nice asked lots of questions, did a big long list of questions that after 6 sessions we will look at again. Then asked what were the 4 things we most wanted to achieve, I said to lessen the very angry violent outbursts, and to have more of a normal family life, SW said for him to make friends with confidence and for this placement to stay together.
Munch and daddy came home just before the PT left and his SW introduced her and told him what she was all about!!!
Rest of the evening went well, but poor Munch was really sick in bed that night, which I am sure was brought on by the visits