Bank Holiday Tuesday

Munch came into us at 8.30 to ask if he could put his Xbox on, we then went down at 9am. this morning has been good, we had one visit to the step for not listening, and Munch is now upstairs quietly playing with his Lego, so I have made the most of coffee and computer time.

We had a trip out today, as Munch has been so well-behaved over Christmas daddy said that Munch could choose between either another controller or a game for his Xbox, so we went off to Smyths Toys, the Xbox controller was £40, we looked at the Xbox games all the one’s Munch wanted were to old for him, he started to get a bit stroppy, and then shouted at me that I was not letting him buy anything, he know’s very well that he cannot have games that are to old for him and I was not going to be shouted at, so I told him that we had to leave the shop, he begged and pleaded, with me all the way back to the car that it was an accident and he didn’t mean to talk to me like that, he was sorry, he woudn’t do it again, you know the same old thing that all parents hear a hundred times. I just said that he was not allowed to talk to me like that and to get into the car.

We made our way to Tesco’s, in the car I told him that we would look to see if they had what he wanted there, but one step out of line and that would be it, nothing, this kept him in line, and he behaved well, a bit lively and gave a few of the other shoppers a smile on there faces with his extremely loud sing about how he loved his mummy and wants to kiss and hug her!!!!

We got his Xbox controller for £25, what a difference in price, I was gad I  had not got it in Smyths, £15 is a big difference and how do the justify that amount.

We went to the cafe to have a bite to eat before coming home, tried to set up the extra controller on the Xbox, but could not do it and Munch is on the sofa watching E.T. as I type this, before looking up how to do his controller.

Well Munch lasted about 1/2 way through E.T. before getting board, he was quiet though until dinner as he was sticking his Harry Potter stickers into their album.

After dinner we had  a couple of games of Junior Monopoly and a game of Catch Me if You Can before TV, daddy came in just after so we had another game of Junior Monopoly before bed. Daddy offered to do bedtime as I have had the most dreadful cough for the last few day’s and it is making me feel awful.

I have already been upstairs once, Munch play’s daddy up something rotten when daddy does bedtime, I have just come down again after going up there and telling daddy to stop his story as he was talking all the way through it!!! Thinking, need to get daddy to do bedtime more often.

Nanny Visited Today

Well I managed to have a lay in today until 9.45, Munch was so busy playing his Xbox in his bedroom, he came in a couple of times to say that he had moved up a level and went back and carried on, and as it was Bank Holiday Monday I made the most of it.

When we came downstairs we had breakfast, Munch played with some of his new toys for a while, then been as Nanny was coming to visit this afternoon and I needed to get on I asked him to go and do his hour upstairs, off he went, after a while he came down and got his Spy Kids film’s and we helped him set it up on his Xbox even though his TV has a DVD player on it, Munch was as pleased as punch and watched all of the film before coming down, so I had a nice 2 hours to get on with some much-needed housework.

Just before Nanny came I asked Munch to remember to say thank-you for his huge Remote Control Truck and the money that she had given him for Christmas, he asked if I would say it for him, “tell her I asked you to say thank-you for me” he said. As soon as she came in he said it himself though, which I was very pleased with him for. Munch can be very shy on time’s, and then on other’s over familiar when he doesn’t know people, something else we have been working on.

Munch was an absolute star whilst Nanny was here, we had lunch, he was kind and polite to her, he showed her things that he had got for Christmas and went and watched The Incredibles so that Nanny coud have a break, Munch is her 1st grandchild at 91 years of age that is not bad going!!!

When the film had finished Munch wanted to play 1 of his games with Nanny and could not quite understand why Nanny would not be able to play, in the end he sat with me and daddy on the sofa, and we just sat and were very silly, tickling, smelling smelly feet, just having fun, and he laughed and laughed.

After that we had tea, which because of the time was tea and supper for Munch, he gave Nanny a nice hug before going to bed.

When we got upstairs Munch said that he had laughed a lot today and that we should call him laugh-a-lot. Into bed and I read him his Spiderman Book that his other Granny had got him for Christmas, which was about him having won a competition to New York to take photo’s of Spiderman, it included his name and his cousin’s name and also where we lived. His face was a picture, he though Granny had written the story herself just for him, and said look at the pictures isn’t Granny a good drawer, bless.

Well I don’t want to jinks us by saying this, but Christmas has surpassed all our expectation’s, we were expecting Munch to struggle, badly, we thought that we would have a few meltdown  and we have had none, there was the one tiny little incident last night before bed, I can live with that, oh how I love that boy of mine.

Boxing Day

This morning Munch came into us at 8am and asked if he could put his X Box on, we said as it was not a school morning he could, 1/2 later he came and asked if he coud put a DVD on using his X Box, yes said we.

At 9am daddy got up and very kindly said for me to have a lay in and he would deal with Munch, after Munch jumping on the bed several times and the dog doing her bit as well 30 minutes later I gave up and went down.

After Munch having been our very own little star yesterday, today he was full of attitude, 4 times he ended up on the step, for shouting at us, demanding things, and generally trying to control. We knew we needed to do the step before things got to much, we have learnt that we need to get on top before he does. It seemed to do the trick and calmed Munch down.

Me and Munch played a couple of his games he had received yesterday, then Munch and Daddy took his big Ford Truck over to the side road across the road as it is very quiet and has a large area at the end, I was just settling down with a coffee and the computer when back they came the battery needed charging again, it must have lasted a whole 40 minutes in total, so back on for another 8 hours of charging. Daddy said Munch had been very good and had not even made a fuss when he had crashed it into the wall.

Back at home, Munch went around recording what me and daddy were saying on his spy pen, he played with the garage and cars for a while before going on the computer to play his recordings off his spy pen. He stayed on there for a bit and after lunch Munch decided to watch the 1st film from his Trilogy of Spy Kid film’s. He is now upstairs on the landing with all the empty box’s from yesterday, his Spy Recording Pen and some binoculars. I am going to make the most of it and make a coffee and put my feet up and watch some TV that I want to watch for a moment.

Well Munch was upstairs for almost 2 hours in the end, and what was he doing, making things with the box’s!!!!

We put on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which I have to say Munch watched and I dozed through, towards the end, I woke up and felt very sick and was very sick!!! Don’t know what that was about and I have been fine since.

We had dinner, then bath and downstairs just as daddy came in from work, Munch was very excited to see him and wanted to have a game of Junior Monopoly instead of TV, so we all started to play, we put a 1/2 hour limit on the game as it was getting on, all was going well, we were having a very merry time, Munch was being very funny and all 3 of us were having a good laugh when Munch didn’t get the number he wanted on the dice, so he shouted and cried and hit daddy on the head, he was told it was not allowed and step, which set him off even more, as he would not go to the step, we said that the game was being put away and he still had to do his time on the step and I took him by the arm and lead him to the step, which just made him hit out and kick at me, normally I would send him up to his room for a longer period, but as it was almost bedtime I continued with the step, told him very firmly that the behaviour is not allowed and he sat and did his 7 minutes.

Step time finished and it was supper and bed, he was back to being a happy chappy, and went to be with any fuse.

Another good day, a couple of very minor incidents compared to what we used to get and we are thankful for how far we have come with our wonderful son.

25/12 – Our 1st Family Christmas Day.

It started at 7.05am, when I could hear Munch calling that he was scared, the landing light which is normally left on had been switched off, I went into him, put on his light and as soon as I did that he noticed the filled stocking on his bed and he picked it up and ran into out room and into my space in the bed as quick as a flash.

He started taking the stocking fillers out and was genuinely very excited and pleased with everything, even the sock’s!!! We had been expecting lots of scowls on his face and why has he got me that, and that’s rubbish, we had none, not bad going considering that it had only been in October at his Birthday when he coud not accept a gift graciously. We know it’s down to wha has happened in his past, which I will keep private, but as I have said before it drives me potty.

Then it was downstairs, the armchair had a hand full of presents on for me and daddy and also Christmas presents and birthday presents for the dog as she was 6 today. The armchair was the 1st Munch saw, and he asked if they were all for him, then he looked behind the door at the sofa which was completely full of presents, so much so that they had to be put on the floor as well. When he saw them he said, I know I saw them earlier when Santa was here, oh did you see him said  I, yes said Munch I came down here with him and we talked about the weather!! What imagination they have.

Anyway, so began the present opening, we had discussed staggering it through out the day but decided against it as we felt that it would drive him potty if he wasn’t allowed to open them and would start him off, so we just let him get on with it. He was fab, he was so excited with everything, he never once dissed a gift, and was  genuinely pleased with everything, towards the end when he opened a set of Enid Blyton Secret Seven books, he had a bit of a scowl on his face, so I said I know books are a bit boring, oh no said he I really like them, well done that boy.

After that me and daddy opened out presents, we only had token prezzies off each other as both of us has a bit of a mare getting our prezzie’s for each other and they are al coming after Christmas through no fault of our own. We felt though that we need to have something to open off each other for appearance with it being Munch’s 1st Christmas with us.

The 1st thing Munch wanted to pay with was his big 4×4 Ford Remote Control truck, opened up, battery needed charging for 8 hours so would not be ready till 6pm. So gradually through out the day he used most things, he enjoyed his Gross Majic Tricks, and every now and again came and did one for me. We set up his X Box on his TV in his bedroom so we had an hour peace whilst he played on that. We put together his Electronic Drum and Keyboard Set and were very pleased to find that it played through his headphones and we only had to listen to his singing. We were very glad we had been to Costco’s and brought a variety of batteries last week as so many of the things needed batteries.

Munch decided as it was Christmas Day he did not want to get dressed all day so we left him in his PJ’s for the day and his lovely snuggly Ugg boot slippers that his Aunty and Uncle had sent him from Australia.

The one thing that I wish we had done different was food, it wasn’t a problem, but we had decided before as it was Christmas Day we would let him have what he wants as he has become fussy of late with his food and I did not want to sit down to Christmas Dinner and be nagging. Munch played on this, not in a bad way, but used it to eat lots of sweets and biscuits, when we sat down to dinner, he ate only a few carrots and did not want the rest, and didn’t want anything else. In the end he had a Chicken Pot Noodle for tea. Next time I will treat it as a normal day food wise, usual meals, because I am sure had we not said about him having what he wanted he would have eaten some of his Christmas Dinner. You live and learn.

The rest of the afternoon passed on pleasantly, Munch and Daddy played some of his games he got, we watched some TV. When the battery was finally charged for his Truck daddy and Munch took it on the patio in the back garden for a while.

Munch then asked to go back upstairs at 8pm to play on his  X Box, by now he was getting tired and a little tetchy, he cried because he didn’t know how to get it onto the TV, so we said that he could have 1/2 then it was bedtime, he ended up having more or less an hour, then down for supper and bed.

Well what can I say, our 1st Christmas Day exceeded all our expectation’s, we all had a fantastic day and we were so proud of our son, oh yes, and one more thing, whist daddy and Munch were watching TV in the afternoon, I booked our 1st proper family holiday. We are off to the Dominican Republic in August for 2 weeks, bring it on.

24/12 – Christmas Eve

Well I think Munch has given me his cough for Christmas as I seemed to be coughing all night, in the end I went into the spare room to save keeping hubby awake as he was planning to go into work for a for a few hours in the morning.

Munch got up to go to the loo at 8am, he saw me in the spare room but just went to back to bed after putting all the lights on!!!! I got up shortly afterwards and went in to talk to him, he wanted to get the ‘prawn crackers’ as he calls the Christmas Crackers, when I asked why, he wanted to get them ready for our Christmas dinner, but we are not having it today say’s I, oh yes say’s Munch.

We got up and came downstairs, daddy was going to work for a few hour’s in the morning then we were going to meet him later on, Munch was hyper, he was running around not listening to anything, several times he was asked to slow down and concentrate, he ran and jumped onto me as I was holding a cup of hot coffee, he was sent to step, as soon as he was off the step, he started shouting at me as soon as his time was up saying I had waisted his time, so straight back to the step. I did my usual, and ignored anything he was doing while on he step, but I really wanted to laugh because ‘I wish it coud be Christmas every day’ came on the radio and he was singing away on his step.

The second session on the step seemed to calm him down and the rest of the morning went by quietly. We watched a bit of TV and played with his Lego,  granny and cousin phoned so Munch spent sometime talking to them, then it was time to get ready for our Christmas Eve outing.

We got the bus to our local Station, then took the train to Marble Arch where we met Daddy and we had a lovely afternoon at Winterwonderand in Hyde Park. We started by having a look around the lovely German Christmas Market, before moving on to the fun part with all the ride’s. We purchased some tickets as that is how you had to pay for the rides you went on, the 1st one Munch wanted to go on was this great looking pirate  Ride, can’t tell you what it was like as when we got through the front door Munch decided that he was scared and did not want to do it, we were lucky as they gave us our tickets back, this went on for a few rides, wanting to go on then when getting to them not wanting to. This was what he was like every time we went to one of the theme parks over the summer, I would have to make him get on something, and once he had done one ride, he would be fine, so that’s what we did, made him go on a reindeer ride and then there was no stopping him, we went on a few more, it got dark so was very pretty and was starting to get really busy and we were all getting very cold so decided to call it a day at 5pm.

We headed back to daddy’s taxi, and daddy took us for a drive round London to look at the lights. We went and had dinner at Planet Hollywoods because there was somewhere to park the taxi and had a very ok dinner, nothing special. Munch was very good whilst there, even when his Pizza came and it wasn’t very nice.

On the way home both me and Munch had a bit of a snooze in the back of the taxi. Indoor’s Munch watched TV for a while before supper, then we got a palate and put some carrots for Rudolph and co., a mince-pie for Santa and a glass of milk. We all sat around the table while Munch had supper and had our Christmas Eve Snowball, he was very pleased to be allowed to have one, even though it only had a couple of teaspoon’s of Advocaat in it.

So up to bed, new Christmas Eve PJ’s so he looked smart for Santa, stocking laid out at the end of Munch’s bed, he asked to read his Feelings book, so we did that Before I read him Twas the Night Before Christmas, then huge hug’s and kisses before sleep time, that was at 8.30pm, by 10pm he was still calling down, saying he couldn’t sleep and then saying we were making him not get any presents we were not going to bed so Santa coud come. During the day periodically we had been tracking Santa, so I told him I had looked on the tracker and Santa was still in Poland and had several other country’s to visit first so we had hours, that seemed to calm him and we never heard another peep out of him.

23/12 – The Two Santa’s.

This morning I woke up at 9am, I went into Munch’s room he was awake with the light on but just laying in bed. The 1st thing he said to me was “can you pass me my hair please”. He wanted his Halloween wig, and wore it for most of the morning. He asked to split his hour of computer into 2 1/2’s again, so had sometime playing club penguin.

Munch played for a while in his room before it was time for us to go to the Christmas party at the Children’s Centre across the road. Munch had a great time whilst there, he alway’s make’s friends easily and I had a nice easy time as he was off playing and eating.

Half way through the party, it was time to sit on the mat’s in a big circle for a Christmas Story and then they all had to make lots of noise to let Santa know they were there, what Munch didn’t know was that daddy was playing the part of santa.

Santa knocked on the door and above 30 other children all you could hear was Munch shouting, it’s santa. it’s santa!! We were worried that he would clock straight away that it was daddy, but he didn’t. He just sat scowling at Santa and when he though nobody was looking, he had a big beaming smile on his face. Munch still finds it really hard to accept anything good happening to him. We were sitting at the side of santa and you could see the elastic of the beard, so Munch kept saying, he’s fake. I just said that Santa was very busy and so he had some helper santa’s, he excepted this readily, and never once did he think it was daddy, not even when his little friend shouted “Santa’s got tattoo’s” as hubby has a tattoo on his wrist.

Afterwards, we hung around to say our goodbyes and Merry Christmas’s to the staff, so daddy had time to get home and be sitting at the table drinking tea by the time we got home, Munch was full of tales, of ‘fake’ santa’s and tattoo’s, oh to be so innocent again.

We had an hour at home before heading off to visit Santa again at a local shopping Centre, I had booked this long before I knew about the Children’s Centre Party or I would not have booked them together, we arrived just in time for our slot, so me and Munch jumped out of the car and run in to find Santa’s Grotto, daddy made it in just in time to come in. This Santa was lovely, he asked Munch what he wanted for christmas, I was waiting for the usual EVERYTHING, when Munch answered a watch, I think Santa saw the look of horror on my face, oh said he a watch, yes said Munch, a watch that is like a watch but not a watch!!!

Out we came and photo’s, key rings and fridge magnets all bought. Munch was so excited because that one was the REAL SANTA.

We had a very health Macdonald’s for tea, before heading home. In the car Munch was so tired he was falling asleep even though it was a good hour before his bedtime. Once home we sat at the kitchen table for supper and Munch decided he wanted to write his list for Santa!! 2 days before Christmas, we have been asking him to do one for weeks and weeks and he has refused and because of things from his past we have not pushed it. Anyway he wrote his list, we just kept saying it was to give Santa an idea, but he had to remember that there was only 2 days to go.

On his list he had a real parrot, with a cage, a puppy dog of his own, 2 things santa just can’t get at such short notice. Thank goodness the X Box was on there. He also added a letter which read – Dear Santa, I have been a very good boy and I listen to my mum and dad , love Munch xxx – the I listen to my mum and dad had come from a video message we had done for him from Santa earlier in the week were Santa asked Munch to listen to his mum and dad.

The letter was placed under the tree for the elves to fetch and off to bed it was, story was frantic, he was unable to kep still during snuggle time and wanted his cream, but just messed around whist he was having it so I stopped, he was being very hyper and messing around so I just left the room and went down stairs. I knew it would not be long before he called down as he will not sleep if things are left on a bad foot, 5 minutes later, mummy I need water, told him I had done his water, said good-night, love you, to which he said the same and peace reigned.

Me and hubby got all the presents wrapped, at 10.30pm I went to Tesco’s, what we have not got now we will have to go with out, once home a couple of glasses of Bailey’s were drunk, before we went to bed.


First Day of the Christmas Holiday’s.

This morning I got up to go to the loo at 8.40 and Munch was watching TV in his bed, he came into our room and we had an extra 20 minutes before getting up.

When we came downstairs Munch asked if he could have 1/2 hour of his computer time then and 1/2 hour later, well done that he had remembered he was only having an hour. He had a little more than 1/2 hour, sh, don’t tell him.

We all then got dressed and went to do our Christmas food shopping, Munch was in a hyper mood and a bit all over the place, but I suppose I have been here many times before now over the last 12 months and have got used to dealing with it, what I am not used to is having to deal with him and daddy together, I don’t like food shopping with hubby as it is, what with Munch being all over the place and hubby having a face like thunder and moaning like mad at Munch, I decided to cut my losses and go home. Most of the food shopping is done, I will just call in to the supermarket on our way home tomorrow night to pick up a few things I missed today.

At home, I sent Munch upstairs for his hour’s play so I could sort out the shopping, he was up and down up and down all the time with one excuse or another. I called him down for lunch, the film we we going to watch this afternoon was about to start so I put it on in the kitchen whilst we were having lunch, not something I would normally do but though that it would no hurt for once. We finished watching it in the lounge.

When the film had finished Munch decided to have his other 1/2 hour on the computer, then asked if we could do some painting, so we got out the paints and had a great time for an hour, painting and mixing different colours with the paints.

We had 1/2 to spare when we had finished so whilst I cleaned up Munch played Mario Karts on the Wii, before getting changed to go to my friends as it was her daughters 10th Birthday and we had been invited for tea.

Munch had a great time whilst there, and enjoyed having the other children to play with. we stayed for about 1 1/2 hours, before coming home as Munch was beginning to get a bit over the top and was finding it hard to listen, so before he got out of hand I decided to call it a day and head home while we were still on a high.

We had supper then bed once home, in bed we spoke about how it is less than 2 weeks away  now from us having met each other a year ago, Munch asked if he was adopted now, so we had a conversation about how, we have a review next month and at that review they will say we can send our papers to court, so as soon as the review is finished, me Munch and daddy will walk to the Post Office and all post the papers together, Munch was quite sleepy by then and went off with a smile on his face.

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