17/12 – Lets try and Wind Mummy Up!

This morning when I went into Munch’s room, the light was on, he was in bed making out to be asleep but he had a huge grin on his face. I played along and pretended to wake him up, I said I was going down to put on his toast, he said he wanted a lay in, so downstairs I went and put on his toast. Munch called downstairs to say he only wanted one piece, so I just did him one piece, when he came down he said he didn’t wan any breakfast, I could just see by the look on his face what sort of mood he was in and I was not playing, ok don’t eat it if you don’t want to, and he started eating, can I have a yogurt instead he asked, ok said I and got 1 out, look of shock on his face, no I don’t want it now he say’s, ok say’s I and put it back. I’m going to give my toast to the dog say’s he, ok say’s I, Munch ate his toast. Upstairs we went to get ready, I’m not brushing my teeth say’s he, ok say’s I and put his tooth-brush on the sink, he brushed his teeth, I’m not having a wash say’s he, ok say’s I and walked away, he washed. After that he I realised that he just was getting now where and gave up.

It had snowed a little the day before so when we went out to the car, 1st we could not open the doors as they were frozen, then when we finally managed to get in, the windscreen was so icy that the de-icer was not de-icing. I did what I could and just had to put the heater on the window and wha for it to get to work, so despite having left early we ended up a few minutes late.

Me and daddy went off to by a Santa suit in the afternoon as hubby is playing Santa Claus on Thursday at the Children’s Centre’s Christmas Party as their original Santa had let them down and they could not find anyone else to do it, we said that we would provide the suit as they have done so much for us and helped our little one no end over the last 12 months.

Picked Munch up, at home we sat for a good 2 hours making up the Lego figures, that he had received of Grampy in the post today, he still finds it very hard to receive anything and did his usual of saying it was rubbish, I know that this is a defence mechanism kicking in on his part, but it really is staring to grate on me, I cannot bare un-gratefulness. So have said that I am going to tell people to stop sending him things.

After that he had his computer time whilst I cooked a lovely Nigella Lawson Cheese Risotto, then it was bath, TV, supper and bed.

15/12 – Oh Dear, What a Morning!!

At about 3am Munch had a very bad bout of coughing, he came into our room and asked if he could get in with us, he is so wriggly though in bed I ended up getting up and going into the spare bedroom. For about an hour I could hear him talking and laughing with daddy, in the end I had to threaten them both!!

In the morning I got up and Munch was dead to the world, I left him as long as I could and got him up from school, it must have been only the 2nd time I have ever had to wake him up from a deep sleep and the last time was when we had to get up at 5.30am because we were going away. He got up, not in a very good mood, he didn’t want his breakfast or drink, then he wanted, then didn’t want, then wanted his cough medicine, I told him that was his last chance and he either took it or there would be none, he dripped most of it down himself and said that I had poured it in to quick, he was just in one of them moods where nothing was going to be right. We went up stairs and he got in the spare bed and would not come to the bathroom, so I did the I am going to count to 5 and if you are not here there will be no computer this evening, started counting and he walked very slowly as if to prove a point, so I just counted and when I got to 5 he lost the use of the computer, he started crying that he was walking there, believe me our landing is not that big!!!!

In the bathroom he would not brush his teeth, fine said I, we will wait, making a point of how we were going to be late for school, this normally works as he hates being late nothing, dead lock, in the end I just said, ok, leave your teeth, they are your teeth, and they will just rot and be painful, but that is down to you, and also told him he would have smelly breath all day, asked him to wash, he refused, fine go to school with chocolate spread on your face!!! See where this is going, now for the undressing and dressing part – no say’s he, fine say’s I you can go to school in your PJ’s and took him by the hand and started walking him down the stairs, he was screaming now, and saying I don’t want to go o school in my PJ’s, then you need to get dress said I, took him back to his bedroom, pulled off his PJ’s, he was now helping me to get him dressed but making out that I was doing it all and he was not cooperating, he did not want o got to school in his PJ’s!!

Everything else was done with a scowl on his face, but he at least cooperated, and amazingly we just got to school as his class was being lead in so I was able to have a quick word with his teacher about the mornings events and why he had chocolate spread all over his face!!!!

When I picked him up from school he was in a much better mood, we went and got his hair cut, then went of to B & Q where we had a bit to eat from the Lunch Box outside, we then went in to pick up a few Christmas Decorations. From there we went to tesco’s to do some shopping. I was gone 6pm by the time we got in so I settled Munch infront of the TV for a while and then but him to bed an hour early as with all the coughing he is doing during the night is taking it’s toll on him and I am sure that it was tiredness that caused the morning’s capers.

At about 11pm Munch had a terrible coughing fit, he coughed so much that he was sick poor boy, I changed his bed and put him back in.

Iffy Day!!!

Bit of an iffy start to this morning, Munch was just in one of those moods where nothing was right, he moaned and groaned on, I just ignored rather than give him the satisfaction of biting and fueling his mood even more, he got sent to the step once for speaking rudely, but we got to school on time. I was a bit upset after dropping him off as it hit me how when they line up they have to do it in pairs, and this morning Munch went and stood next to the girl who was at the end of the line, as soon as the next person came she moved and stood next to them so Munch was on his own, it made me realise that he is always on his own and never has a partner, a had a little cry to myself afterwards, I think I will have a word with his teacher as I do not want him being left out all the time by the other children.

Daddy picked Munch up from school today, when they got in they had a quick game of paper chase where Munch wrote clues and daddy followed them, then we were off to his Express It! group, Munch was very obviously in his mood still, he was not listening and very hyper. On the way over I spoke to him and told him, that if he could no behave and listen to what he was told to do when there we would go home. They were making pizza today, Munch was on form, he was all over the place, still making crying noises, not listening and generally being a pain in the backside, once the pizza’s were ready for cooking we went to play some games, munch just was not listening he was extremely hyper, so I took him outside sat him down to calm down and spoke to him saying that there were no more warnings, if he still behaved as he was we would go home. Back in we went and Munch was still all over the place not listening one bit, so I just said you were warned what would happen, home and step. He refused to put on his shoes, said he would not leave, so I just picked up his jumper, coat and shoes and walked to the door. Munch followed me, I asked him to put on his shoes, he refused, so I just said fine walk home without them then and took hold of his hand and walked, he pulled but I just keep going, we go as far as the gate and he wanted to put his shoes on, I stopped for him to put his shoes on with out letting go, he was shouting he waned his pizza, I told him he had been warned wha would happen, he had chosen to carry on the way he did, so it was down to him that he had missed out on his pizza, he hit and kicked, I just kept saying firmly it was not allowed and he could not behave like that, he tried biting my arm, and holding on to things as we walked past, I  just kept going, at one point someone in a van shouted out of their window, well I shall not print here what Munch shouted after them, needless to say the air was very blue!!!

We got home just as daddy was about to leave for work, we got in I just said step, he sat but he was make very load, very false crying noises, half way through he went quiet and just sat there, he then said I really want my pizza, daddy said if you sit and do the rest of your time quietly we can go back as long as you apologise to everyone else for spoiling their time, luck for Munch that daddy was there as I would not have taken him back, I should point out that he centre is only a couple of minutes walk from us. So back we went and Munch was much quieter and did manage to behave for the remaining time we were there, all though the hyper levels were beginning to creep up.

Back at home Munch was still in a funny mood, so I run his bath early. He had his bath, watched TV until his usual bedtime, supper and daddy took Munch to bed as by now daddy had decided to take the night off (he is self-employed), they had not been up there  very n long before I could hear Munch making a crying noise again and daddy was downstairs, Munch was most upset to have missed his snuggle time so I went up and we had a shorter time, he talked in a very babyish voice to start with but gradually lost it. Daddy came up and they had a cuddle and a bit of tickling time, and thankfully, the mood that had been so visible over Munch today disappeared so lets hope it’s still gone in the morning.