16/12 – Christmas Concert

Before I start this blog, I have forgotten to post about the fact that Munch’s SW phoned on Tuesday with the good news that his LA have agreed to a further 10 sessions of Play Therapy, we are very pleased and hope now that it will resume again after Christmas.

Munch got up ok this morning and all went well, as has become the norm over the last couple of weeks he didn’t want to go to school, but was absolutely fine once we got there.

I came home and got daddy up as it was the day of Munch’s Christmas Concert, we were so excited our very 1st Christmas Concert, we got to school in plenty of time and I made sure we had front row seats and the camera at the ready. The theme was about how children celebrate Christmas in different countries and Munch was in the USA group, he had to take in party cloths, the trousers he took needed a belt as the popper keeps coming undone, he had taken the belt of the trousers and spent the whole time redoing them up, or sitting with his head on his hand, every time he looked at us he had a great big grin on his face but tried to no look as if he was bother. Then it was his turn to do their USA bit, he was fab, and to me he was the best singer, the best dancer and the best talker, and I managed not to cry!!!!!!!

Me and daddy then went off to finish getting Munch’s Christmas presents, it was so exciting to be walking around Smyths Toystore filling up our trolley for our son.

Daddy picked Munch up from school today and bought him an ice-cream for being so good in his Christmas concert, I had dinner ready for them practically as soon as they walked in needless to say Munch did not eat much of his. I had booked an appointment for Munch to see the doctor as his cough has persisted for well over a week now, he wanted daddy to take him and I think that daddy was pleased as normally it’s always me Munch wants, so daddy took him and they were back quite quickly.

Munch went to use the computer which is a Laptop, I had put it on the floor earlier on in the day, he started screaming and kicking the stairs, he was in a right state and we did not know what had happened, needless to say he was reprimanded about his reaction, and told here was no need for it, kicking things was not allowed – step.

Time done and he had a little while on the computer, before TV time and another early night as the cough is still causing him a lot of interepted sleep. He had 1 more session on the step as he has this horrible habit of, it hard to describe in words, but he p’s, almost like spitting without spitting, at us and the dog all the time, it’s like as if he thinks he’s getting away with spitting at us by doing this, he has been warned about it on many occasions, so I sat him on he step for 7 minutes, and next time he does it he will get another 7 minutes, he will soon learn.